Monday, May 11, 2009

Stay Away from McCafe!!

I call on all of us to avoid McDonald’s McCafe coffee. We must punish Apprentice advertisers.

Joan only won because she’s more of a “name” than Annie. Joan QUIT the show! Trump told all of us during Tboz’s firing what he thinks of that, but he “hires” Joan after all the horrid bile she spews. Annie is smart, determined, forward, and foxy. The “perfect woman” perhaps not, but she should of won.

Say the protest chant with me! “Stay away from McCafe! Stay Away From McCafe!”


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stellastarr* is back on Tour!

Stellastarr* is touring again this summer! RnR Hotel in DC July 17.

Baby Ktan Baby Sling Review

In honor of my baby daughter's first b-day, I want to archive this just for the sake of the next baby sling googler. Here is a review of the Baby Ktan sling that I wrote up for the Baby Bargins message board:

(Baby Board Key: DD = dear daughter, DH=dear husband, DC=dear child)

Hey gang, My dd is one month old yesterday. I'm her daddy.

After lurking here, dog-earing Baby Bargains and googling, googling, googling (i'm the research junky in my marriage), I decided to buy the Baby K'tan sling. I joke that I have womb envy (I was so excited to sling-it, i bought the k'tan 6 months ago!). But, anyway, after lurking here so much I figured it was time to start posting some reviews of my own to help out the next batch of googlers and researchers.

So, I only have the Ktan sling but I've used a Bjorn and a NoJo dr. sears one with my nephews and nieces. The thing that sold me on the Baby K'tan was the "8 positions" thing. So I could pouch her while she's young, and then front carry her bjorn style once she can support her own head in a few months. She hopefully won't "outgrow" this one like other slings I saw.

Here is a pic of the sling in action:


I know that a lot of people here mention that the DH's love the Ergo/Bjorn style and thier manlier looks (compared to a sling) but I think that the dual shoulders baby k'tan look wicked cool. It looks STRONG, not exposed like those Bjorn/Ergo style. Anyway, for me the Ergo/Bjorn style carriers wouldn't satisfy my womb envy so of the slings I saw, this was the one for me.

So, I love this sling yes, but every sling is a walking compromise (like sailboats, except they float and don't walk). This sling takes some lessons to explain to somebody (like my wife, Grandparents, Aunties etc). Now, the bjorn is not the most intuitive thing either, so it's no big deal to me. I just want you to know that you'll have put it on a few practice tries before you sling your kid or hand this off to the unsuspecting.

You see, it has two slings of cotton attached with a little cotton loop. Washable and dryable just like anything else cotton. You put both hoops over your neck like a necklace with the little loop at the back of your neck. Then you put one arm though the inner sling hoop, and the other arm through the outer sling hoop. Now, this is the practicing part...you drop the outer loop over the opposite shoulder. So if you are holding your crying kid, you move her to the other arm as you are slipping the sling hoops over each arm, and then you pass DC again to drop the outer loop, and then you sling her in to the inner sling hoop. Then bring the outer hoop back onto your shoulder and you'll have a nice two shoulders pouch sling.

At first it took me two or three times to position her correctly, but by one month i'm an expert. I drop the outer hoop off my shoulder, form a pouch with the inner hoop and put her butt inside like she is going to sit down like a grown up. Then her head goes up high in the pouch (up on my shoulder). Then she'll slide right into place with gravity. I bring the outer hoop back up on my shoulder, adjust for comfort and then stick my pinky in her mouth till she falls asleep.

I bought on amazon, and i bought the small. I'm 5' 10" 145lbs. My wife is 5' 6" (weight withheld because I know what's good for me...But she is Beautiful and Sexy for the record) so we can swap easily between us.

Here's the update to this review I posted after 4 months:

I got a Baby Ktan and carry by 4 mo DD daily since her first week. I'm a daddy but mommy uses it too. The 8 position things is great. We love it because we can go to the minor league baseball game and sling her upright, facing forward (what ktan calls the "Adventure" position). Then when she gets sleepy and cranky, we pop her out and sling her "cradle" style. A clean pinky in her mouth and she conks out. We carry ours everywhere.

Lean toward the smaller size because it's cotton and stretches out with use. Once it stretches too loose, just wash it and it comes out tight as ever (it's more comfortable when it's tighter that when it's loose)


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Uppababy Narrower Wheels

So I bought this fancy baby stroller for my upcoming daughter to ride around in plush comfort. I don't want ANY excuses for not going out when we have our kid. So I'm spending all my baby fund on going outside supplies.

The nursery? 100 dollar IKEA crib, IKEA matress, old futon, and dresser that I already owned. I don't think I've got $300 in the nursery. But the stroller? I got twice that in the stroller. This baby ain't due for another 9 weeks but I've had my Baby Ktan sling ready to go for three, so this baby is spending every moment of her first year out n about!

Anywho, I loved this Uppababy because it's an American owned company, foam filled rubber wheels (no flat tires), and it's cheaper than the other reversibles. It comes with a bassinet too which is cool. But it was WAY TOO WIDE!!!!! Sweet crud, the thing is full sized as it is, and I've only got 900 square feet and a Honda Fit so trying to fit a bit ole thing in a tiny space means every inch counts (like my honeymoon.........Now THAT's WIT!!).

So, I heard some blog rumors that they were narrowing the Uppababy with newly designed rear wheels. But, talented at tinkling the keys of google I may be, I could not find any photo to show me the difference. The Uppababy website didn't have any pictures (or ANY reference at all) of the narrow profile and neither did any other sites.

So, now that I took a chance and ordered the small wheels I thought I'd give something back and post said pictures myself. So if you are google'n "Uppababy narrower" or "uppababy slimmer wheels stroller" you can see for yourself.

Uppababy Vista - New narrow wheels

Uppababy Vista - New narrow wheels

Carpoolers from the Kids in the Hall guy

So the other day I saw this TV show called Carpoolers on ABC. Jerry Minor from Mr. Show was in it and Faith Ford and this hilarious actress who was selling this beauty product. And the other guys are funny too. I'm not selling it very well here, but so far I've only seen two episodes (they stream them for free on ABC.com)

They got these short videos on the carpoolers site that are great. The show is by Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall. Dave Foley and Scott Thompson had little bit parts in the clips I saw. It's really more of a sketch comedy show than a sitcom. A loose (and I mean LOOSE) plot exist, but only to set up funny scenes. It's a great show.

So basically, I've discovered my new favorite show just in time to have them cancel it. At least, that's been my history with ABC television so hopefully I'm wrong this time. I just sent back my Nielson TV Survey though and they gave me two bucks for it. Wild.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miss America World Police

The Miss America Reality Check girls are WAY foxier than any Top Model girl ever.

Oh, and Check out Miss Utah's flickr page.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Whiskerino has begun again

So I'm back with the beard growing boys at whiskerino.org.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Whole Pipettes Album

Pipettes Project - In progress

Well, i've been working on a special art project and it involves the pipettes. I've been listening to thier album in this order:

The new Art Brut album "it's a bit complicated"
Peter Bjorn and John "Young Folks" (without the last few songs)
Teagan and Sara "The Con"
The Pipettes "The 14 songs I ripped from their website stream and I love every one of them"
The New Yeah Yeah Yeah's EP "Is Is" With my newest favorite song in the world "ISIS" It's awesome.

That one solid block of new music that I can just loop. I haven't that many new albums in a row in a while. Good time to be alive and hearing capable.

Anywho, I can point you to the pipettes website because the stream works great (totally un-obtrusive) for listening at work:


If you're snooty about streams, at least listen to their song "Sex" before you go cussing me out for not linking to an mp3.

Then when you're done, go find the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Isis.

Oh wait, Google just showed me the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6AEFSJR478


Monday, June 25, 2007

Interpol Article in New York Magazine

Interpol's new one comes out soon and they'll be at the Norva in a few weeks. I can't wait!

Further RNRNRW news: reports of frowns in the little yellow house with discoveries of the Wolf Parade show in DC being sold out. Maybe the North Carolina show?

Here's that article about Interpol.


Friday, May 11, 2007

California Wild Fires

Wow. I went to high school out in Yermo, CA and there would be fires every once and awhile, but nothing like this story Joe Rogan tells:


And you haven't seen me in a while because I've been obsessed with playing "Pacific Fighters" on my computer. It's a flight simulation game set in the Pacific during WWII. It's addictive and it's causing problems when I play for 4 hours straight without standing. I'd say it's rotting my brain but because it takes flying so seriously and really makes you learn how to fly, I think it's sharpening my senses.

Also sharpening my senses is my beautiful pink rose bushes that smell A-mazing. The epic battle of growing grass in my front yard trudges on. I've finally taken the advantage thanks to this weeks gloomy, gloomy, wet weather.

So, listening to a lot of the new Modest Mouse album and awaiting the new Interpol. I love that Monsters are Waiting song, Last Goodbye and still love Stellastarr.

Missing the Von Bondies. Ahh, Don...Ahh, Marcie...


Monday, March 26, 2007

Carter Family on PBS RIGHT NOW

Holy Moly!!! It's so great!! It just started.

9:06pm: If you're in my area (Hampton Roads), the local PBS station whro is showing a documentary on the RnRnRW favorite the Carter Family.

Turn and watch ASAP!!!!!!!!!

I heart the Carter Family with a fiery passion.

Relive when I had a grand time at the Carter Family museum in Bristol.

9:13pm: Holy sweet mama, they've got video of Maybelle playing the guitar and Gillian Welch just gave a demonstration of Maybelle's revolutionary "Carter Scratch" guitar style.

9:17: Here's what I found googlin' "carter scratch" (Updated with a video link below to Gillian's video below

9:19: I just figured out that I was so updating this thing 4 times in the last 10 minutes that I might as well just live blog it good and proper. I've added the times to each post now.

9:21pm: Undertaker, Undertaker, please drive slow.... I can't believe you're missing this!!!

9:27pm: So AP Carter and a one legged man traveled door to door asking people if they knew any old songs. Then he'd use the sounds he heard as inspiration for Carter Family songs. He's sounds like a rapper using samples to create new art.

9:35pm: So Sara (wife of A.P.) moved to the other side of Clinch Mountain but still recorded music with him in an awkward, tense arrangment. Sounds like they need to go on "1 week to save your marriage." It comes on after this at 10pm on TLC.

9:36pm: Sweet crap, Joan Baez just showed up in this thing!

9:41pm: O.K. get this. The family is down in Mexico on this mega powerful radio station. Sara and A.P. had gotten D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Sara out of nowhere dedicates a song to a lover of hers who was out in California. She sings "Thinking Tonight of my blue eyes. He hears the song as says "I'm going to go get her" So he puts on a diaper and a wig and a trench coat and drives nonstop from California to Texas to marry her.

9:51pm: Sara! They've got video of Sara singing!

9:55pm: O.K. It's over, but I found video of Gillian Welch talking about the Carters and demonstrating the "Carter Scratch"


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Amy Sedaris on Andy Richter - Free Video

So I watched Andy Richter's new show tonight and popped on the interweb to see what all the fuss is about. I found out on the NBC web page that their is a "Web Only" episode of Andy Barker P.I. that guest stars Amy Sedaris. I just watched it and it was good and Amy, of course, was the highlight.

Check it out along with every episode of Andy Barker P.I. at:



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lily Allen's Potty Mouth

Something's been bugging me about this Lily Allen Lyric: "You were f*@king that girl next door, what'd you do that for." however, when she sings it live on the telly her tougue offers "you were doing that girl next door...".

The clean way is better.

It has to do with the alliteration consonance of the sounds: "you were doing that girl next door..." It rolls of the toungue better than the interupting "K" sounds and she should sing it like that all the time from now on.

Lily Allen interview and acoustic perfomance


Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown Died!!

I can't believe it! A world without James Brown is a one I haven't known since I was 13 years old.

UPDATE: If you ever wondered why James Brown deserves more, watch this video from 1968.

UPDATE2: I don't know what's happening to me. I'm not just tearing up, I'm bawl-ing while watching this clip of James Brown Sex Machine/Get On The Good Foot. I was openly sobbing. It's so funky it cut me deep.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Colbert VS The Decemberists Shred Off Guitar Battle this Wednesday

This Wednesday on the Amazing Colbert Report:

Colbert VS the Decemberists in a "Shred Off".

I like Colbert's show better than that Daily Show. I don't like how Jon Stewart is always like "Look at all this Wackiness!"

I mean he sits through the rehearsal and he sits in the writing room. So then why does he wear that stage persona like, "What?? What did he say?? That doesn't make sense? What the heck? Isn't this wacky? Look at all this wackiness? Did you notice how absurd that correspondent's statement was? Here's' a smug smirk to punctuate the wackiness of this crazy situation I find myself in." Jon Stewart hurts the show when he does that.

But anyway. I still like the daily show, I just like the correspondents better than Jon Stewart. But that's just me.

Now Colbert on the other hand. Just listen to these Fresh Air Interviews to understand my affection. What a clever southerner heh?

Anywho, watch the Daily Show for the Decemberists Wednesday (or check Stereogum no doubt for the link the video on youtube). I watch Colbert every Mon-Thurs.

PS. The Justin Timberlake SNL was pretty funny until I fell asleep after update.

Here are some videos I found of the funniest bits from the Justin SNL


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bring it on Down to Homeless-ville

I live blogged the last SNL with Timberlake. It was one of the great episodes of SNL. I hope this one keeps up the good start.

UPDATE: Here's the video of "Homeless-ville"on youtube.com (Posted by NBC themselves).

I love NBC lately. They got every full episode of 30 rock streaming at Nbc.com/30_rock.

And they deleted scenes of the Office are as funny as the rest of the show.

And nbc put an uncensored version of the "My Beep in a Box", but I prefer the bleeped version.

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