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Monday, March 26, 2007

Carter Family on PBS RIGHT NOW

Holy Moly!!! It's so great!! It just started.

9:06pm: If you're in my area (Hampton Roads), the local PBS station whro is showing a documentary on the RnRnRW favorite the Carter Family.

Turn and watch ASAP!!!!!!!!!

I heart the Carter Family with a fiery passion.

Relive when I had a grand time at the Carter Family museum in Bristol.

9:13pm: Holy sweet mama, they've got video of Maybelle playing the guitar and Gillian Welch just gave a demonstration of Maybelle's revolutionary "Carter Scratch" guitar style.

9:17: Here's what I found googlin' "carter scratch" (Updated with a video link below to Gillian's video below

9:19: I just figured out that I was so updating this thing 4 times in the last 10 minutes that I might as well just live blog it good and proper. I've added the times to each post now.

9:21pm: Undertaker, Undertaker, please drive slow.... I can't believe you're missing this!!!

9:27pm: So AP Carter and a one legged man traveled door to door asking people if they knew any old songs. Then he'd use the sounds he heard as inspiration for Carter Family songs. He's sounds like a rapper using samples to create new art.

9:35pm: So Sara (wife of A.P.) moved to the other side of Clinch Mountain but still recorded music with him in an awkward, tense arrangment. Sounds like they need to go on "1 week to save your marriage." It comes on after this at 10pm on TLC.

9:36pm: Sweet crap, Joan Baez just showed up in this thing!

9:41pm: O.K. get this. The family is down in Mexico on this mega powerful radio station. Sara and A.P. had gotten D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Sara out of nowhere dedicates a song to a lover of hers who was out in California. She sings "Thinking Tonight of my blue eyes. He hears the song as says "I'm going to go get her" So he puts on a diaper and a wig and a trench coat and drives nonstop from California to Texas to marry her.

9:51pm: Sara! They've got video of Sara singing!

9:55pm: O.K. It's over, but I found video of Gillian Welch talking about the Carters and demonstrating the "Carter Scratch"

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