Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Franz Ferdinand on the Radio

Just this morning I was thinking of taking 96x off my car's presets. I was gonna replace it with the oldies station. Rather that than more Linken Park.

But everytime I start to get sick of it, they go and do something cool like play Franz Ferdiands "Take Me Out." On the RADIO!! The tide may be turning.

What to do?

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Warlocks - Hurricane Heart Attack

What to do, what to do. I got that Bob Dylan, Live 1964, and it is very, very, super, duper great. I also got Finally Woken by Jem.

No, not that Jem. This Jem:

It's....um.....alright. I've been trying to get into some different things. Figured this was a good enough place to start.

So get this. I got that Dylan album yesterday. I get it home and the second CD is cracked! I had to go all the way back to Williamsburg to exchange it. But they marked it down 3 bucks between yesterday and today. So now I have a 3 dollar store credit at Plan 9.

So I got that going for me.


Monday, March 29, 2004

Broadcast Mp3s!!

Hey-Hey. Not too long ago the Hives had a weird message up on their website. "The Hives - Dead?"

Well, I guess not. Their website has a newspaper-ey thing going. www.hivesmusic.com

And go and get all three of these mp3's. I like Broadcast. Every song I've heard of theirs, I like. Good songs.

Ohhh, I found a good The Killers story about a lucky girl and how she got to hang out with them during a video shoot. HERE.

And she links to these pictures from Ultralucky. You can see them HERE.

And the coolest of all is this "behind the scenes" video of the Killers shooting their video for "Somebody Told Me"


Sunday, March 28, 2004

NonBlurry Killers

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Who - A Quick One, While He's Away
I found some better pictures of the Killers. I don't read NewYorkDoll very much. But they/he/she has a good, objective way of writing about bands that I like so I always check it out every so often. Go here for the pictures.

Behold ... The Killers

Alley Katz is a rnr club up in Richmond, VA. Real cozy (i.e. small) and it used to be a tobacco warehouse back in the day. It seems to have had little renovation from when it was first erected on Walnut Ally over 100 years ago.

With the showtime set at nine and three bands + one local opener, we knew we were in for a long night. How naive to think a rock n roll show would start on time!! The doors weren't even open till 9:30. I'm the eighth person in the door, just after my young wife and we head through the open door leading upstairs. This was our plan all along.

The stage at Alley Katz is only 18 inches high so the downstairs area is the worst. Jaime and I were planning on grabbing a stool and leaning on the rail the whole time. It's the best place to see all the action and to try and get pictures. A local band called Conshafter opens the show, and Jaime and I hit the pool tables for a bit. I was leaning out the window to get the picture of the sign, up above.

No one is coming upstairs, even though the downstairs is filling up nicely. What could be going on? See Jaime across the way? See her little head leaning on the rail waiting for The Killers:

See all the people below? Weirdos down there, huh? They could catch a spot on the rail and be out of the B.O. but, hey, to each their own.

The local boys finish up and the next band starts setting up. I don't know anything about them, except what I see in front of me, and that their name is The Killers. They set up a synthesizer up front though. That looks promising. Then they start playing.

I LOVE THE KILLERS!! The best part of the night was discovering these boys. I bought the EP and can't stop listening! Stream the EP online!! GO!! NOW!! It'll open in a new window. Click on one of the songs and then listen while you finish reading my story.

I was playing with exposure settings on my digital. It made all my pictures blurrier than normal!! Don't worry, I'm working on getting a Canon A70 which has aperture priority settings. Does anyone know about pictures? What settings do I use to get decent, non-blurry concert shots?

Midway through the Killers a tap on my shoulder and, oops! Turns out, that during this show, the upstairs is for the bands only. How were we supposed to know? The door was wide open. At the bottom of the stairs, a unfamiliar traffic barrier blocked our path. Get it up earlier next time Alley Katz! Save me from another of life's small embarrassments!

Banished from our lofty perch, we suffered the horrible waste of time known as the Ambulance. They put on one horrible live show! Wretched, Vile! The local opener should not be ranked higher than you Ambulance! Maybe they had an off night, or maybe I was still bitter from being stricken to ground level, but Jaime, nor I enjoyed them.

Stellastarr* was.......alright. Nothing special. I love the album though. LOVE IT. And they sang the songs, and jumped around a bit. Can't complain. It was WAY late by this point. Almost 1am. They sure seemed tired. Sleepy. The bassist girls vocals were almost non-existent for the first half of their set. The lead guy (Shawn) keep dropping to his knees too! Not at Alley Katz! The stage is only 18 inches! Your heads are barely visible above the baseball caps of frat boys. When you drop to your knees you simply disappear. The drummer looked wicked with a permenant strobe light on him. He had a star taped to his bare chest, and big Elvis style shades on.

Since we were downstairs, Jaime had to hold the camera above her head and all the pictures look extra worse. This one looks cool though. Like Edvard Munch style:

Whew! Long show! I gave a homeless guy in a wheel chair 5 bucks. It was a bit before 2am when we left for our hour drive home. Left home at 8pm. Hour drive up. 4 hours spent at Alley Katz. An hour drive back. The things we have to do to rock it in the Real World!!


Friday, March 26, 2004

Wanted, Drummer

for four piece indie rock band. Get details here.


Thursday, March 25, 2004

Sounds for FREE!!

Alright you dear, sweet readers!! No Excuses!! The Sounds are playing a FREE show at the Norva April 20!! Mark your calenders!!

Stream the Dylan Symposium

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Dylan Symposium that I missed most of the other day.

They play some of the tracks in full (Times They are a Changin', Tambourine Man, and If You Gotta Go). And yesterday, I was listening to "Rollie Radio" (which is the Public Radio show that plays hip music around here) and they played three of the songs in a row! On the Radio! I only got the tail end when I got in the car yesterday to meet Jaime at the Bill's Seafood.

You can't fast forward the stream, so you have to listen to it all to hear the tracks. Click to Stream.

And you can read the liner notes for "Live 1964" here.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Dylan Symposium on Radio

Right now at wfuv.org (find the "Listen Live" button). If you're in the New York area, you might be able to pick it up on 90.7 fm.

"Live 1966" drops Mar. 30!!

Nellie McKay Video

what i'm listening to Right Now: The King and Caroline, Firewalker
Pretty cool video of our little hell-cat blathering on about why she's so great can be found here. (via nelliemckay.net)

Ahhh, to be 19 and have people care what you think about the world. Lucky Ducks those rock stars.

And a Ryan Adams interview at pitchfork in which Ryan comes off as a thoughtful, polite full-of-himself rock star. (via ImaCuckoo)

More Thompson!! I love living through this guy's camera:


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sat. Night on the Pennisula

what i'm listening to Right Now: Stellastarr* - My Coco

Nothing much to do this Saturday. SNL is a rerun. Saving money to buy a fancy guitar amp so we decided to forego the fancy tapas place and hit good 'ole Rey Azteca! We love it. I've got mega-mega-mega-bytes of digital camera pics taken across the table at Rey's. I do love that place.

That's Julie, with a knife, through my glass.

I should write a song about this picture like John Lennon did when he saw this one:

After salsa, chips, and Burritos Deluxe...........Well........It's Cookie!!!! Time!!!

Now the key to a good Saturday night-with-nothing-to-do party is the guilty-pleasure play-list:
Britney Spears - Toxic
Kelis - Milkshake
The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love
The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
Deelite- Groove is in the Heart
Dick Dale - Miserlou
Digable Planets - Cool Like That
Blue Cantrell = (Hey Ladies) Hit Him Up Style
Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light
Nena - 99 Luftballons
Stellastarr* - Pulp Song
Kirsty MacColl - In These Shoes
Kylie Minougue - Can't Get You Out of My Head (Extended Intro Radio Mix)
Micheal Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
Clash - 1977
George Clinton - We Want the Funk
Liz Phair - Firewalker
Undertones - True Confessions
Madonna - Open Your Heart
Stellastarr* - My Coco (I started typing while this song was playing, as you read Up There ^)
Iggy Pop - Never Met a Girl Like You
Liars - There's Always Room on the Broom
Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself
Madonna - In the Groove
Coolio - I Remember
Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Something

Oh Yeah!! Mission Accomplished!!

Julie took the picture right before I was in full un-ironic, P-Funk devil horns.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Holy Living Heck Fire!

Jack White duets with Bob Dylan! That lucky, violent, hypocritical jerk!! Modernage.org/temp to download it!


Thursday, March 18, 2004

Scary Tammy

what i'm listening to Right Now: Lou Reed/John Cale, Songs for Drella - Slip Away

Flizzum Flop turned me onto this crazy Tammy story. Read it all, especially the book.

And, although that has nothing to do with rock n roll, on the same site is this very relevant, funny article: (crud, I can't find it! I just read it yesterday! It was about "saving rock n roll" If I find it, I'll post it. Sorry.)


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

For Kate

I saw the Vines on Letterman last night. They were surprisingly well behaved this time out. Last time, I was really excited to see them but he just screamed into the mike for three minutes and fell into the drum kit. Then, they were supposed to be on Leno and they trashed the set in rehearsals, so Leno refused to put them on the air.

Their new single is catchy though, and maybe that guy's got his head out of his arse now. Older and wiser eh? Go here to hear, and then watch the video cause it's a good one.

Dylan Live 1964 on iTunes!

Holy-Sweet-Canoli!! iTunes has Live 1964 in FULL RIGHT NOW!!!

I want it in hardcopy though, so I'll live off 30 second samples for another two weeks.


Monday, March 15, 2004

Jay-Z + Weezer = Jay-zeezer (via imacuckoo.blogspot)

Buying Dylan Tickets Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Standing in Line for Three Hours

That's me, fresh outta bed at 9AM. Tickets in hand by Noon, I went home and watched Dr. Strangelove and napped.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

Posted on thestrokes.com "News from the Road":

March 10, 2004 - Norfolk, VA

By far the most amazing venue of the tour thus far. Norva's most sexy feature? A hot tub. The band and crew played pool after the gig. Lots of money exchanged hands until everyone eventually broke even. 200 mile drive to Myrtle Beach tonight.


Friday, March 12, 2004

Can you see him up on the ledge!! Look closely through the haze. Amy is hidden behind him. She said that he smelled bad. I always assumed that with all that booze and cigarettes, him and Albert must stink. Now I have confirmation.

Jaime took all these pictures. They have cool light show happening, but it back-lights them so it's hard to get clear pictures with my digital cam. Enjoy these though!!

Now I have to get to bed. I have to get up early and go get my Bob Dylan tickets!


Thursday, March 11, 2004

Panty Shot for you Pervs

Maja from the Sounds is not a bashful lady!

Snorks live on

He, he. The Snorks weigh in on Tv on the Radio.

posted at lastnite.org

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Walkmen, Bows and Arrows - The Rat

I'm trying to get together a set list for yesterday's Strokes show. I posted this little recap on the Strokes fansite, lastnite.org. I'm at work, so I'll just throw it up on here too. Especially for Ben who missed the show and had to give up his tickets!! You missed out my dear friend. Anyway, dear readers, I'll try add/modify it later, back at my home base.

Posted to lastnite.org:

Hey Hey! Saw the show last night in Norfolk. AMAZING! It was the 4rth time seeing them, and it was the best.

I love the Sounds, so they were a great opener. The Strokes made us wait almost an hour. The roadie guys (Matt Romano right?) set up in about twenty minutes. The same pre-show ritual everytime I've seen them. Matt brings like 400 plastic cups and puts them EVERYWHERE. They've always been red before, so I never really knew what beverages were in them. This time they were clear. Albert had beer, and some red liquid (cranberry perhaps to go with his bottle of Grey Goose he brought out with him?), Julian got two cups of something clear. Water, maybe Sprite because it looked carbonated.

But anyway, he brings all the cups out, and that usually means they're about to start the show. But instead we stare at a lifeless stage for another twenty minutes or so. Then Matt comes back out with setlists and starts taping. Must of been arguing over the setlist backstage. Frank Sinatra's "My Way" is playing on the PA, and I'm the guy about 5 back from center stage singing along at the top of my lungs.

After almost an hour of waiting, the Strokes quickly take the stage. I need a setlist people! Anyone out there jot it down? I didn't even think of doing it myself. The crowd was really, really rowdy and the Band seemed to dig that a lot. They did the Clash cover. Albert seemed to deviate from the set list a bit cause Julian said, "Albert wants to do Is This It, but first we have to set the mood. Turn off the lights.......(long wait).....apparently Lucas missed school the day they taught the concept of 'off'"

Julian was VERY conversational the whole show, "Now it's time to play, what's my favorite candy bar (talks to Fab and Nic for a bit), alright this song is called (whatever song it was) and Twix. The answer is Twix."

Albert played the National Anthem riff for us. They played When It Started too, which I heard they don't usually do.

Julian came into the audience once, and at the end of show, during "Take It or Leave It" Julian crawled up the PA and onto the three inch ledge on the front of balcony. My friend Amy was RIGHT THERE. Julian was holding onto her to keep from falling off this narrow ledge! I thought he was gonna die for sure.

I have some pictures of him on the ledge, but I don't have them here at work. I'll post 'em on my little weblog http://keyofe.blogspot.com/ if anyone wants to check for them in a few days.

I would love to get a setlist and a copy of the show if anyone recorded this one. I've got plenty to share if trades are needed.


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Jack White Guilty

Pleads Guilty, must take Anger Management classes. (via MotorCityRocks.com)

Dylan at the Norva


"The most influential artist in Rock history, Bob Dylan, will be performing at The NorVa on Tuesday April 6th @ 8pm. Tickets for this up close, intimate concert with American legend Bob Dylan go on sale Saturday March 13th starting at 10am ONLY at The NorVa box office. Tickets will be limited to 4 per person. Bob Dylan will be performing with his band on this remarkable night."

I'm will be sleeping on the street this Friday night if anyone is looking for me.


Monday, March 08, 2004

Chucky's a Wussy

what i'm listening to Right Now: Nellie McKay, Get Away from Me - Waiter

Free Mp3's from Stereogum.

BAwww-HAAAAAA!! Fooney! Fooney stuff. I know I hyped Franz Ferdinand myself, but after finally hearing the whole album...well, let's just say that Bedtime Bear sums it up perfectly.

And in risk of turning this into a mirror site of Garage Dream, well, I just have to direct link a few more of his/her stuff:

Guide to Punk and Snap and Clap.org (Coming Soon--So bookmark now!)

And, Whoa! Watch out. Also via GarageDream, Look at that sweet innocent face. Don't let it fool you though. He might be coming for you next:

Kimya Dawson gets a haircut!


Thursday, March 04, 2004

TV on the Radio in Video on the Computer

what i'm listening to Right Now: StellaStarr* - Untitled
TV on the Radio, Staring at the Sun Video (via CatBirdSeat).

Ohh, and free TV on the Radio Mp3 of Dreams!

And here's the MP3 of the Staring at the Sun.

Oh, heck! Just go get a bunch of free mp3's at Touch and Go Records.

PS Still haven't gotten my Strokes/Sounds tickets and it's less than a week away! I'm getting nervous. I hope they come today. And I still need to get the Stellastarr/Ambulance/Killers tix. Gotta remember to do that.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sara Rue for You...NO ME!!!

Total Eclipse of the Heart perhaps??

Belle and Sebastian's Dear Catastrophe Waitress is now available on iTunes. I first saw them on Conan and I recommend this CD highly! Wonderful, smooth Scottish pop.

The Sounds pics at catchdubs.

Washington Times reviews the Nellie Mckay (not nelly mckai) show that I saw in DC (Vienna, VA). MUCH more accurate than the Wash Post review. And It contains a very fair criticism of Nellie's CD:

"The drawback of "Get Away From Me," aside from its lack of discipline, is its seeming insincerity. Miss McKay, as brilliant a writer as she obviously is, seems to treat her music like a joke.

You wanna say: If she doesn't care, then why should we?"

I'm a Nellie fan, but I agree with this criticism. After I listen to her album, I can't wait to listen to something personal. She doesn't make you feel does she?

Oh and put up a new blog link I found. I was beboppin' over at Night in the Big City and I was peckin' through their comments and.....Yada-Yada-Yada...I've been checking out a new blog ever since. Standard Deviance is funny AND smart and that's a lethal combo. Definitely check it out.

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