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Thursday, March 11, 2004

posted at lastnite.org

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I'm trying to get together a set list for yesterday's Strokes show. I posted this little recap on the Strokes fansite, lastnite.org. I'm at work, so I'll just throw it up on here too. Especially for Ben who missed the show and had to give up his tickets!! You missed out my dear friend. Anyway, dear readers, I'll try add/modify it later, back at my home base.

Posted to lastnite.org:

Hey Hey! Saw the show last night in Norfolk. AMAZING! It was the 4rth time seeing them, and it was the best.

I love the Sounds, so they were a great opener. The Strokes made us wait almost an hour. The roadie guys (Matt Romano right?) set up in about twenty minutes. The same pre-show ritual everytime I've seen them. Matt brings like 400 plastic cups and puts them EVERYWHERE. They've always been red before, so I never really knew what beverages were in them. This time they were clear. Albert had beer, and some red liquid (cranberry perhaps to go with his bottle of Grey Goose he brought out with him?), Julian got two cups of something clear. Water, maybe Sprite because it looked carbonated.

But anyway, he brings all the cups out, and that usually means they're about to start the show. But instead we stare at a lifeless stage for another twenty minutes or so. Then Matt comes back out with setlists and starts taping. Must of been arguing over the setlist backstage. Frank Sinatra's "My Way" is playing on the PA, and I'm the guy about 5 back from center stage singing along at the top of my lungs.

After almost an hour of waiting, the Strokes quickly take the stage. I need a setlist people! Anyone out there jot it down? I didn't even think of doing it myself. The crowd was really, really rowdy and the Band seemed to dig that a lot. They did the Clash cover. Albert seemed to deviate from the set list a bit cause Julian said, "Albert wants to do Is This It, but first we have to set the mood. Turn off the lights.......(long wait).....apparently Lucas missed school the day they taught the concept of 'off'"

Julian was VERY conversational the whole show, "Now it's time to play, what's my favorite candy bar (talks to Fab and Nic for a bit), alright this song is called (whatever song it was) and Twix. The answer is Twix."

Albert played the National Anthem riff for us. They played When It Started too, which I heard they don't usually do.

Julian came into the audience once, and at the end of show, during "Take It or Leave It" Julian crawled up the PA and onto the three inch ledge on the front of balcony. My friend Amy was RIGHT THERE. Julian was holding onto her to keep from falling off this narrow ledge! I thought he was gonna die for sure.

I have some pictures of him on the ledge, but I don't have them here at work. I'll post 'em on my little weblog http://keyofe.blogspot.com/ if anyone wants to check for them in a few days.

I would love to get a setlist and a copy of the show if anyone recorded this one. I've got plenty to share if trades are needed.

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