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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Baby Ktan Baby Sling Review

In honor of my baby daughter's first b-day, I want to archive this just for the sake of the next baby sling googler. Here is a review of the Baby Ktan sling that I wrote up for the Baby Bargins message board:

(Baby Board Key: DD = dear daughter, DH=dear husband, DC=dear child)

Hey gang, My dd is one month old yesterday. I'm her daddy.

After lurking here, dog-earing Baby Bargains and googling, googling, googling (i'm the research junky in my marriage), I decided to buy the Baby K'tan sling. I joke that I have womb envy (I was so excited to sling-it, i bought the k'tan 6 months ago!). But, anyway, after lurking here so much I figured it was time to start posting some reviews of my own to help out the next batch of googlers and researchers.

So, I only have the Ktan sling but I've used a Bjorn and a NoJo dr. sears one with my nephews and nieces. The thing that sold me on the Baby K'tan was the "8 positions" thing. So I could pouch her while she's young, and then front carry her bjorn style once she can support her own head in a few months. She hopefully won't "outgrow" this one like other slings I saw.

Here is a pic of the sling in action:


I know that a lot of people here mention that the DH's love the Ergo/Bjorn style and thier manlier looks (compared to a sling) but I think that the dual shoulders baby k'tan look wicked cool. It looks STRONG, not exposed like those Bjorn/Ergo style. Anyway, for me the Ergo/Bjorn style carriers wouldn't satisfy my womb envy so of the slings I saw, this was the one for me.

So, I love this sling yes, but every sling is a walking compromise (like sailboats, except they float and don't walk). This sling takes some lessons to explain to somebody (like my wife, Grandparents, Aunties etc). Now, the bjorn is not the most intuitive thing either, so it's no big deal to me. I just want you to know that you'll have put it on a few practice tries before you sling your kid or hand this off to the unsuspecting.

You see, it has two slings of cotton attached with a little cotton loop. Washable and dryable just like anything else cotton. You put both hoops over your neck like a necklace with the little loop at the back of your neck. Then you put one arm though the inner sling hoop, and the other arm through the outer sling hoop. Now, this is the practicing part...you drop the outer loop over the opposite shoulder. So if you are holding your crying kid, you move her to the other arm as you are slipping the sling hoops over each arm, and then you pass DC again to drop the outer loop, and then you sling her in to the inner sling hoop. Then bring the outer hoop back onto your shoulder and you'll have a nice two shoulders pouch sling.

At first it took me two or three times to position her correctly, but by one month i'm an expert. I drop the outer hoop off my shoulder, form a pouch with the inner hoop and put her butt inside like she is going to sit down like a grown up. Then her head goes up high in the pouch (up on my shoulder). Then she'll slide right into place with gravity. I bring the outer hoop back up on my shoulder, adjust for comfort and then stick my pinky in her mouth till she falls asleep.

I bought on amazon, and i bought the small. I'm 5' 10" 145lbs. My wife is 5' 6" (weight withheld because I know what's good for me...But she is Beautiful and Sexy for the record) so we can swap easily between us.

Here's the update to this review I posted after 4 months:

I got a Baby Ktan and carry by 4 mo DD daily since her first week. I'm a daddy but mommy uses it too. The 8 position things is great. We love it because we can go to the minor league baseball game and sling her upright, facing forward (what ktan calls the "Adventure" position). Then when she gets sleepy and cranky, we pop her out and sling her "cradle" style. A clean pinky in her mouth and she conks out. We carry ours everywhere.

Lean toward the smaller size because it's cotton and stretches out with use. Once it stretches too loose, just wash it and it comes out tight as ever (it's more comfortable when it's tighter that when it's loose)

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