Sunday, February 29, 2004

Exclusive YYY's on iTunes

I's pokin' around iTunes Fri. and I noticed an "Exclusive track" by the Yeah Yeah Yeah called...."Yeah! New York."

So I bought it. And it's good, of course. So I was in a iTunes mood and I poked around a bit. I ended up buying this:

Wow! I didn't even know I loved the Cars so much, but I LOVE THE CARS!! I woke up Friday morning not really sure, but now I know: The Cars are AMAZING!

I also wanna plug the first B-52's album which you'll want to pick up before you pick up the new Franz Ferdinand (which drops March 9). The B-52's are SO MUCH more than "Love Shack!"


Friday, February 27, 2004

Thompson the Cat

Click to see more Thompson:

won't you please be nice

what i'm listening to Right Now: The B-52's - 52 Girls

I made it up to Vienna, VA (suburb of Washington, DC) in only three hours for the Nellie McKay (Not Nelly and pronounced McKai) show on Wednesday (read Washington Post review). I had to leave work early to pick Lisa (fellow Nellie fan) up, and her fuel efficient Hyundai Accent was chosen to provide the following:

ONE.) To Deliver us to the show, and return us home.

TWO.) To provide us with an excellent sound system for sing-alongs.

and THREE.) To smell strangely of Sugar Smacks although Lisa hadn't had Sugar Smacks in a looong time.

First up on the playlist was the Nellie McKay 12 Track Demo and a discussion of which tracks are better on it versus the "Get Away From Me" (GAFM) album. For example: Sari, and Work Song are better on the Demo. The slower pacing is better for them. Respectable and Baby Watch Your Back are better on GAFM.

It was my turn to pick the music, so in keeping with the piano girls from the antifolk world, I put in Regina Spektor album called "Songs." It is so good! Please find the time to listen to this album. It's nothing but Piano and Voice but it don't suck. It's great. Find some time when you're just gonna be sittin around and CLICK HERE to listen. It streams good on Dial-up so no excuses. Then if you like it. Support your favorite artists and buy it (if you can find it).

Then we listened to StellaStarr*. And then Lisa put in Joss Stone who can sing, heh? We'll see what happens when she spits out a "real" record. And then a little "lite FM" radio brought us to the Barns of Wolftrap.

Nice place.

You can read the details at the Washington Post review so I won't go over them. I had third row tickets so we were wiping Nellie spit off our foreheads! Great seats! She forgot her music! She apologized for obsessively checking for lipstick on her teeth, and said she was "scared of you" meaning us in the audience. The place was full of Wolftrap Members who just go see every show there regardless of who it is, so the audience was mostly older college professor types with just a few of us hipster types strewn about.

Poor Nellie! She goes from playing New York city clubs with clanging plates and wine glasses, to opening for Cyndi Lauper with an audience in the party mood, to this stuffy, sterile situation. People sitting, staring, and making absolutely NO noise. It seemed like it was creeping her out. Don't get me wrong though. The people laughed at all the good lines, and clapped enthusiastically after the songs. They LOVED her! But during the songs, they sat listening intently and politely that I don't think Nellie even needed the microphone. Plus she had to fill 90 minutes and I don't think she liked that.

Boy this is getting WAY too long, so I'll end it here. If you care to know why she said it was a double album, or any of the other stuff she talked about, email me and I'll tell you.

PS Sorry but Wolftrap doesn't allow any pictures. And she didn't come out to talk or sign autographs! I thought for sure I'd get to see her and ask her to sign my Demo CD envelope! Darn it. I guess she wanted to get the pizza she kept talking about.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Manifesto in Key of E

what i'm listening to Right Now: Nellie McKay, Get Away From Me - Waiter

Here's my manifesto of Rock n Roll in the Real World.

I tend to concentrate my site on Mainstream Indie bands. If there is a better term, I'd like to hear it, but Mainstream Indie kinda sums it all up. What I mean is the bands that are on Major Labels (RCA, Sony etc) but are "indie" sounding.

I want this website to be a good entry point into good music. So if you've been listening to the radio a lot and thinking "there's no good music out there" well, then maybe you'll stumble on this site and it will turn you on to some awesome music. The most important part of my plan: You can find all these bands in your local town!

Most towns that "real worlders" live in have Walmarts and nothing else. I want you to know that there is good music in the Walmart. Most "real worlders" out in "flyover country" aren't even lucky enough to have a Best Buy. I'm luckier than most myself. So if I talk up a band here, there's a good chance you'll find it in your town (and of course you shouldn't shy away from buying over the web).

Soooooo.....thats the idea I have brewing over here. I don't like to talk to much about "real" indie bands that don't have cds at your local Best Buy/Walmart/Target (even though I like plenty of them too). If you like what you hear here, and you're ready to dig deeper, you'll have no problems following the links over there --> to some of the great weblogs and webzines that will feed your needs for all the other stuff I haven't heard yet. So go explore!!

A great place to start is the webzine Let Them Eat Lead. Now, Lead's editor Max Dropout and I have had our disagreements, but he was nice enough to drop me line to let me know his new issue is up. It's good as always, but the most relevant article to this weblog is his great take on the Jack White vs Von Bodies punch out.

I don't know if Max would dare agree with anything I have to say, but I like the guy precisely because we are the same. We love music and we want people to listen to better stuff.

PS when I was pecking through my archives trying to find the "Lead Hates Me" post...


Monday, February 23, 2004

I heart SovietPanda.com

SovietPanda is just out-doing themselves lately! Seriously great music files from Valentine's day, and lettin' me know the liars have a new site! Priceless! Keep up the good work.

PS Garagedream is a damn close second for me. I was a Vine hater, and still am, but this is a cool video.

PPS Garagedream convinced me that the new Liars would be a must. He/She was SOOO RIGHT ON!! I LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! although Rolling Stone doesn't. But I saw in the new Entertainment Weekly that they gave it a B+ for whatever that's worth. I like it and can't wait to buy it when it hits the stores this Tuesday!! I suggest you all keep an open mind and pick it up.

PPPS According to Pitchfork, another Keyofe favorite, Mando Diao, is releasing an EP two days from now??!! More research needed on that!

PPPPS TV on the Radio is supposed to drop March 9th. And I scored this new Filter magazine with the cool Strokes vs Lou Reed article (but it also contains great stuff on TV on the Radio and others).


Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hank iii and his Muff-Cakes

So the best part was hanging out in the back of Hank iii's tour bus. When we were walking out, I saw the mohawked bass player, Joe Buck, vacuuming the tour bus. Image this guy:

vacuuming! He must be the clean freak in the band.

"They get everything." -Shelton Hank Williams when asked to clarify why he said his CBGB's audience was too quiet. He said the skinhead's got rowdy at his Buffalo show, and that Minneapolis always has great crowds.

Stayed out till 4 in the morning too! It's been awhile since I did that. After the show, we went to River City Diner (the show was up in the beautiful Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond). I took some cool pictures but I don't have anyplace to put anymore pictures. I used up all of my free space.

I only had room for one picture and even though I have some better ones, I kinda liked this blurry one the best. Kinda arty, huh?


Friday, February 20, 2004

StellaStarr* is coming

Wow! Now I find out Stellastarr* is coming to Alley Katz (Richmond) on March 26!! I really, really like the Stellastarr* album, and now their coming with Ambulance who is pretty cool too.

In more good news, Jaime is baking muff-cakes to give to Hank iii and Assjack tonight. HuH? Well it's all quite interesting. My guitar buddy's sister is dating Hank iii and I'm on "the list" and Jaime is my Plus-One. But the word on the street is, Hank iii and the boys are sick and tired of cold-cut sandwiches for dinner, so we are all cooking food to take up to them.

Jaime is making muff-cakes! It's a hybrid between a muffin and a cupcake. It's a muff-cake. They are very good, and very healthy for you 'cause they are so high in fiber! Here is the recipe:

1 box chocolate or yellow cake mix
1 can pure pumpkin
Mix it up.
Bake it according to what the cake box says.

It's important to give back, that's what I always say.

PS AlleyKatz has a new website! How come no one told me?


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Sounds are Coming to Norfolk!!

I have never been more happy!!! The Sounds are coming back to Norfolk!!

I love the Sounds, and now they are opening for the Strokes in Norfolk, March 10!! I already had tickets to that show, so now I get to see both bands!! AND!! I don't have to travel three hours to do it!!

It's a great coincidence too, because I'm going to be up in Vienna, VA (suburb of DC) next Wens for Nellie McKay, and I was trying to figure out a way to see Nellie at 8pm, and then go into DC and catch the Sounds at the 9:30 club! Since I'm already driving 3 hours one way on a weeknight I wanna make the most of it. Then they cancelled the Sounds show in DC, but......then they're coming to Norfolk!!

Good news for me!! That made my day!

(there are more exclamation points in this post than I have fingers)

Welcome Home Maja!


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

They're everywhere

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Meat Puppets, Classic Puppets - Plateau

Awesome Meat Puppets retrospective! You might not ever have heard the Meat Puppets, but, Ahhhh, I bet you have but you just didn't now it. Remeber Nirvana's Unplugged show? They covered two or three Meat Puppet tunes, including the one that's playing now. Check it out at your local indepent retailer.

I thought I loved Lego's!! Click to read:

Cry me a River Donny

Don Henley whines about the music industry in Washington Post editorial. Evolve or die music industry! The system ain't broke, you just ain't using it right. Like trying to hammer a nail with a pancake.


Friday, February 13, 2004

stellastar* don't suck

what i'm listening to Right Now: Blind Willie Johnson - John the Revelator

So I finally picked up the famous Anthology of Folk Music. Great Stuff, and I highly recommend you keep an open mind and check it out. Hear decently long samples at the folkways site. Hear the song I'm listening to on volume 3. I LOVE the old folk song, the House Carpenter. I've heard the Dylan version and the Baez versions, but this is the ORIGINAL version that all the 60's folkies would of heard and based their version on.

Another thing I think all my fellow hipster-rock fans should be paying attention to is stellastar*

Now I know stellastar* is so three months ago. But dagnab it, it is one great album! I can listen to each song straight through and love 'em all. I had only ever heard of them from New York based bloggers poo-pooin' the hype they were getting. But when I stumbled onto it just last month in the record store listening kiosk and have dug it ever since.

So if you haven't picked it up yet for whatever reason, or if you didn't take it serious 'cause you were snobbish about the hype like me, then take another listen. It's worth it.

If you're not sure, go listen to the three tracks they stream at their website. See if it's your thing.


Thursday, February 12, 2004

There's Always Room on Da Dip.mp3

I's driving to work this morn, and I thought of GREAT mash-up idea. Freak Nasty's Da Dip vs. Liars There's Always Room on the Broom.

"You put your hand upon my hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip, WAGHHHHHHAAAAAAGHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIOUGHHHAAAAAAHHHH, I put my hand......."

How do I do one of these mash-ups?


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Don't Buy Von Bondies on Itunes!!!

Well, well, well. The Von Bondies album is for sale in its entirety on Itunes. DON'T DO IT!!!

I did it, and I DIDN'T GET NO "free digital sampler with songs from bands like The Walkmen, Secret Machines, and more." So SCREW 'EM!!! LIARS!! All of 'em!!

I mean, don't say I'm getting a free sampler, and then it doesn't happen!! You Bastards!!

Damn good album though! Just wait, and get it in stores March 10. That way you get the packaging, and you'll get full cd audio. THOSE JERKS TURNED ME INTO A LIAR!!! I told all of you dear, dear readers about that "free sampler" and then it doesn't happen!! They made me into a fool!! They made my dear, sweet readers not trust me!! "You brought me to Las Vegas and you turned me into a whore Jack!"

Dag-nab it, I started to calm down at the start of that last paragraph, but then I got all riled up again. I just wish the album wasn't so stinking good so I could tell you all NOT to buy it, but it's just too good. Seriously, just wait it out till March 10 (unless your in the UK, then you can buy it now.)

PS Another Von Bondie got hurt


Monday, February 09, 2004

Nellie McKay Letterman Video

nelliemckay.net pulls through with downloadable video of Nellie on Letterman.

Karen O Cleans up real nice

Yee-ouza!! I found this picture of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Grammys. Karen O looks so hot! I want more! Anybody seen any other shots of them from the Red Carpet? Let me know, puh-lease!!


Sunday, February 08, 2004

On the Beatles "40 years later" media blitz: Check out a few 30 sec clips on Salon.

Also, i got the newest Entertainment Weekly magazine. There was a small interview with the Walkmen, and a cd review for Nellie McKay. She got an A. And the Walkmen drink Becks.


Saturday, February 07, 2004

I rented Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I had seen it in the theatre and I loved it. It's still so good. Sam Rockwell is so gret. gret? I meant great.

Still hate Julia Roberts though.

But afterwards, I watch my Nightline. Never miss Nightline. And the whole show is about the Beatles Ed Sullivan Perf. And I heart the Beatles so it was a really great surprise to see this stuff. And I was watching them sing "I Saw Her Standing There" and I realized exactly why the Beatles were such a big deal. The press hype got them attention, but when it was showtime....when.....when....America sat down to see what all the fuss was about. The Beatles sang that song, and won everyone over. Great song and they just smile and have a good ole time playing their songs...How chould America not fall in love?

After Nightline was Letterman with Nellie Mckay. She did really great. I didn't like her dress. Made her look too pale under the TV lights, but that's a superficial complaint. It's a great song, and the killer was at the end, when she drops out and starts patting the piano and she pants like a dog into the microphone. People might have been on the fence during the entire song, but when she did that, they were won over big time! Congrats to her.

And, of course, after Letterman was Conan with the Walkmen. But I fell asleep during the first commercial break, so I'll have to catch them on Monday's Comedy Central rerun.

Cool Nite.


Friday, February 06, 2004

AMAZING FREE MP3!! From Fluxblog: Go get this Waiting for my Man mp3 while it's still up!

Almost as good as this version.

Nellie McKay on Letterman Tonight!

Late Breaking News, Nellie McKay is going to be on Letterman tonight!!!

Watch her, and then watch the Walkmen on Conan afterwards.

Also, while I'll always be partial to the fan based nelliemckay.net, SONY's "official" Nellie website has been gussied up and you can stream itty-bitty samples of the album tracks.

And, this is my fourth post in a day! That's a record for me!

taxi driver (<--click it for more info}

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome idea! From Anise.blogspot.

It's Taxi Driver! Each line represents one minute of film. Taxi Driver is my favorite movie! Read a great synopsis at FilmSite.

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Rolling Stones - Get Off My Cloud
knitting...the new yoga? (via fark)

Seriously! Everyone I know who is female loves to Crochet, or wants to learn. And at the open mike in Virginia Beach last night, a law student friend broke out her Stitch 'n Bitch book. Lisa was worried that airport security would take her crochet needles.

I read this girls weblog and she mentioned teaching someone to knit (it's on that page somewhere).

And i read this other weblog that had a knitting reference, but I can't find it.

Wow, knitting. It's everywhere.

Strokes Announce Largest US Tour yet

Oh, Heck yeah! The Strokes are good. They put on a great live show! I drove 8 hours to New York to see them and the White Stripes at Radio City Music Hall (Download a video of that entire performance at lastnite.org AND AND AND lastnite.org has two videos of YYY's perfs. Y control from Conan, and Date With the Night on some British show. Boots of Interpol, Oasis, Radiohead, Weezer, etc. Great Site!)

Where was I? ...and I drove 3 hours to DC to see them with the Mooney Suzuki at Constitution Hall, and I drove 5 hours to Baltimore to see them with the Kings of Leon and Regina Spektor.

Now I wouldn't have driven all those miles just for the Strokes, but you look at the supporting acts for every one of those shows, and I think you'll agree that the hours and miles were well worth it.

NOW THEY'RE COMING TO NORFOLK! And to the Norva which is the most amazing venue I've ever been too!! And it's RIGHt ACROSS The RIVER!! I don't know who the opener is, but that venue is so close, and so intimate, that it's going to be a great show!

Every band that plays there loves it. They have a hottub and a Sauna in the dressing room! And and indoor basketball court! Check this place out!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am, but, oops, I already have my tickets. I got the Pre-sale hookup, so if you don't already know, and you want to know, drop me an email and I'll hook you up the info, mofo.

and the good news to you Real Worlders, is that they're probably coming near your town too:


****we announced half of the tour so far and you can find the dates
with venues online at www.thestrokes.com in the TOUR section by now.****

**please note, these are NOT all the dates, there will be more
added....the tour will roughly go to MAY 19th, but the website has all
we have confirmed for now**

other tour cities that will be on this tour, but are not announced yet
*kansas city
*st. louis
*san francisco
*new york city
*and several others, too, making this the largest US tour the strokes
have ever done!
PS Interesting article on Brian Wilson at Slate today.

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh -- Hanging Tough

Jordan Knight is still touring. He's coming to the Norva, March 26. And "V.I.P. tickets available, which include meet & greet and autograph."

Nellie Mckay's debut CD is coming out this Tuesday. According to Amazon, it's a Double Disk! Wow. Don't Worry though. All the good ones are on there, although Disk 2 looks like it will get played a bit more.

Disk : 1

1. David
2. Manhattan Avenue
3. Sari
4. Ding Dong
5. Baby Watch Your Back
6. The Dog Song
7. Waiter
8. I Wanna Get Married
9. Change The World

Disc: 2

1. It's A Pose
2. Toto Dies
3. Won't U Please B Nice
4. Inner Peace
5. Suitcase Song
6. Work Song
7. Clonie
8. Respectable
9. Really

And The Walkmen Are On Conan Tonight!!


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I can teach you, but I'd have to charge

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Walkmen - That's the Punchline

I got the new Walkmen cd. But i'm re-listening to the old one right now. It's interesting that, on Every One Who Pretended to Like Me... I like every even numbered song, better than the next. The odd numbered songs are cool too, but I end up skipping them more often than not (the exception being track 13). It's not that the other tracks aren't good, but I just always thought that the odd tracks were a little too "atmospheric" for me to listen to over and over again. Listening to the whole album in one sitting is like being in a Wave Pool at "Oceans of Fun" or "Water Country." Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up in a perfect sine wave, a rhythmic motion.

So, anyway, the first album was really good, and now I've heard the new album one and a half times. And so far, my first gut impression is a good one. None of the aforementioned Walkmen atmosphere is gone, and the singer still sings in that slow tremolo, modulating the volume of his drawn-out slurs (like, "suomebUAdy's wAITing for MEEE hAAT home. eeIE shheouDA kneeown.").

So, basically the Walkmen are awesome, and like no one else I've ever heard.

Our local big-shot producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (they produced Milkshake [click to listen]), who are from Virginia Beach, will be bring their N*E*R*D personna's to the Norva on April 17th. And I just happen to have the pre-sale password to get a early crack at tickets this Thursday. Email me if you want to know.

I'm planning to visit DC this weekend. OKGO are coming to the Black Cat, and they still owe me some merch. from the Dec. 2002 show at ODU. It's a long story, but you can't escape me OKGO!!

I was even thinking of getting a hotel room since i'm living the bachelor life this weekend. This place seems so hip, it's unhip. But it's within walking distance of the Black Cat so maybe I'll try to stay there and make a whole weekend of it up in DC. I miss you DC.


Monday, February 02, 2004

Walkmen day tomorrow

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Carlsonics - I dig the bushwack

Well, I've been surfing the ole web and getting jealous at bloggers who already seem to have "promo" versions of Franz Ferdinand, the Walkmen, and the Liars. How do you guys do it?

I guess i'll have to wait it out for the official release dates, which are actually pretty close. In the case of the Walkmen, it's tomorrow!! I've heard one song called "New Years Eve" and it's great, so I'm pretty excited to hear the rest of the new songs.

Now, if you've been reading me for a bit, you know that I've been a pioneer of sorts for Franz Ferdinad hype. I've only heard the EP and "Take Me Out" (which you can listen to for free by hitting the main page of the Domino site.) Well, they had a show in New York recently and the New York bloggers are raving. I can't wait till March 9th when they release this album in the USA. Meanwhile, here are some live tracks by Franz via this really cool British weblog. (found via, Jean Genie)

There is this band called the Liars. Thru Garagedream-->via the jean genie--> and finally to you is this video of the Liars new single. If you're not on a dialup, give it view. It's amazing. Makes me eyes water with that screeching, but I can't stop listening to it! I've heard that the new Liars album will be called "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned." Read this neato story about "brocken Witches" and how they came up with their witch theme for this album.

Finally, and I do mean FINALLY, I've found a track from the new TV on the Radio album that is due soon. I tried and tried to get some from a cool weblog called aekituesday, but the links never worked for me. But I finally found a track through the awesome weblog the Catbirdseat, which you all should be checking out. (scroll down to Jan 29th to get the track).

OK, that wasn't the final thing, this is though. This Weblog is good.

Feel Free to scroll up and check out my Archives! Thanks for stopping by!

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