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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Don't Buy Von Bondies on Itunes!!!

Well, well, well. The Von Bondies album is for sale in its entirety on Itunes. DON'T DO IT!!!

I did it, and I DIDN'T GET NO "free digital sampler with songs from bands like The Walkmen, Secret Machines, and more." So SCREW 'EM!!! LIARS!! All of 'em!!

I mean, don't say I'm getting a free sampler, and then it doesn't happen!! You Bastards!!

Damn good album though! Just wait, and get it in stores March 10. That way you get the packaging, and you'll get full cd audio. THOSE JERKS TURNED ME INTO A LIAR!!! I told all of you dear, dear readers about that "free sampler" and then it doesn't happen!! They made me into a fool!! They made my dear, sweet readers not trust me!! "You brought me to Las Vegas and you turned me into a whore Jack!"

Dag-nab it, I started to calm down at the start of that last paragraph, but then I got all riled up again. I just wish the album wasn't so stinking good so I could tell you all NOT to buy it, but it's just too good. Seriously, just wait it out till March 10 (unless your in the UK, then you can buy it now.)

PS Another Von Bondie got hurt

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