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Monday, February 23, 2004

I heart SovietPanda.com

SovietPanda is just out-doing themselves lately! Seriously great music files from Valentine's day, and lettin' me know the liars have a new site! Priceless! Keep up the good work.

PS Garagedream is a damn close second for me. I was a Vine hater, and still am, but this is a cool video.

PPS Garagedream convinced me that the new Liars would be a must. He/She was SOOO RIGHT ON!! I LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! although Rolling Stone doesn't. But I saw in the new Entertainment Weekly that they gave it a B+ for whatever that's worth. I like it and can't wait to buy it when it hits the stores this Tuesday!! I suggest you all keep an open mind and pick it up.

PPPS According to Pitchfork, another Keyofe favorite, Mando Diao, is releasing an EP two days from now??!! More research needed on that!

PPPPS TV on the Radio is supposed to drop March 9th. And I scored this new Filter magazine with the cool Strokes vs Lou Reed article (but it also contains great stuff on TV on the Radio and others).

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