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Friday, February 27, 2004

won't you please be nice

what i'm listening to Right Now: The B-52's - 52 Girls

I made it up to Vienna, VA (suburb of Washington, DC) in only three hours for the Nellie McKay (Not Nelly and pronounced McKai) show on Wednesday (read Washington Post review). I had to leave work early to pick Lisa (fellow Nellie fan) up, and her fuel efficient Hyundai Accent was chosen to provide the following:

ONE.) To Deliver us to the show, and return us home.

TWO.) To provide us with an excellent sound system for sing-alongs.

and THREE.) To smell strangely of Sugar Smacks although Lisa hadn't had Sugar Smacks in a looong time.

First up on the playlist was the Nellie McKay 12 Track Demo and a discussion of which tracks are better on it versus the "Get Away From Me" (GAFM) album. For example: Sari, and Work Song are better on the Demo. The slower pacing is better for them. Respectable and Baby Watch Your Back are better on GAFM.

It was my turn to pick the music, so in keeping with the piano girls from the antifolk world, I put in Regina Spektor album called "Songs." It is so good! Please find the time to listen to this album. It's nothing but Piano and Voice but it don't suck. It's great. Find some time when you're just gonna be sittin around and CLICK HERE to listen. It streams good on Dial-up so no excuses. Then if you like it. Support your favorite artists and buy it (if you can find it).

Then we listened to StellaStarr*. And then Lisa put in Joss Stone who can sing, heh? We'll see what happens when she spits out a "real" record. And then a little "lite FM" radio brought us to the Barns of Wolftrap.

Nice place.

You can read the details at the Washington Post review so I won't go over them. I had third row tickets so we were wiping Nellie spit off our foreheads! Great seats! She forgot her music! She apologized for obsessively checking for lipstick on her teeth, and said she was "scared of you" meaning us in the audience. The place was full of Wolftrap Members who just go see every show there regardless of who it is, so the audience was mostly older college professor types with just a few of us hipster types strewn about.

Poor Nellie! She goes from playing New York city clubs with clanging plates and wine glasses, to opening for Cyndi Lauper with an audience in the party mood, to this stuffy, sterile situation. People sitting, staring, and making absolutely NO noise. It seemed like it was creeping her out. Don't get me wrong though. The people laughed at all the good lines, and clapped enthusiastically after the songs. They LOVED her! But during the songs, they sat listening intently and politely that I don't think Nellie even needed the microphone. Plus she had to fill 90 minutes and I don't think she liked that.

Boy this is getting WAY too long, so I'll end it here. If you care to know why she said it was a double album, or any of the other stuff she talked about, email me and I'll tell you.

PS Sorry but Wolftrap doesn't allow any pictures. And she didn't come out to talk or sign autographs! I thought for sure I'd get to see her and ask her to sign my Demo CD envelope! Darn it. I guess she wanted to get the pizza she kept talking about.

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