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Friday, February 13, 2004

stellastar* don't suck

what i'm listening to Right Now: Blind Willie Johnson - John the Revelator

So I finally picked up the famous Anthology of Folk Music. Great Stuff, and I highly recommend you keep an open mind and check it out. Hear decently long samples at the folkways site. Hear the song I'm listening to on volume 3. I LOVE the old folk song, the House Carpenter. I've heard the Dylan version and the Baez versions, but this is the ORIGINAL version that all the 60's folkies would of heard and based their version on.

Another thing I think all my fellow hipster-rock fans should be paying attention to is stellastar*

Now I know stellastar* is so three months ago. But dagnab it, it is one great album! I can listen to each song straight through and love 'em all. I had only ever heard of them from New York based bloggers poo-pooin' the hype they were getting. But when I stumbled onto it just last month in the record store listening kiosk and have dug it ever since.

So if you haven't picked it up yet for whatever reason, or if you didn't take it serious 'cause you were snobbish about the hype like me, then take another listen. It's worth it.

If you're not sure, go listen to the three tracks they stream at their website. See if it's your thing.

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