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Saturday, February 07, 2004

I rented Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I had seen it in the theatre and I loved it. It's still so good. Sam Rockwell is so gret. gret? I meant great.

Still hate Julia Roberts though.

But afterwards, I watch my Nightline. Never miss Nightline. And the whole show is about the Beatles Ed Sullivan Perf. And I heart the Beatles so it was a really great surprise to see this stuff. And I was watching them sing "I Saw Her Standing There" and I realized exactly why the Beatles were such a big deal. The press hype got them attention, but when it was showtime....when.....when....America sat down to see what all the fuss was about. The Beatles sang that song, and won everyone over. Great song and they just smile and have a good ole time playing their songs...How chould America not fall in love?

After Nightline was Letterman with Nellie Mckay. She did really great. I didn't like her dress. Made her look too pale under the TV lights, but that's a superficial complaint. It's a great song, and the killer was at the end, when she drops out and starts patting the piano and she pants like a dog into the microphone. People might have been on the fence during the entire song, but when she did that, they were won over big time! Congrats to her.

And, of course, after Letterman was Conan with the Walkmen. But I fell asleep during the first commercial break, so I'll have to catch them on Monday's Comedy Central rerun.

Cool Nite.

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