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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hank iii and his Muff-Cakes

So the best part was hanging out in the back of Hank iii's tour bus. When we were walking out, I saw the mohawked bass player, Joe Buck, vacuuming the tour bus. Image this guy:

vacuuming! He must be the clean freak in the band.

"They get everything." -Shelton Hank Williams when asked to clarify why he said his CBGB's audience was too quiet. He said the skinhead's got rowdy at his Buffalo show, and that Minneapolis always has great crowds.

Stayed out till 4 in the morning too! It's been awhile since I did that. After the show, we went to River City Diner (the show was up in the beautiful Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond). I took some cool pictures but I don't have anyplace to put anymore pictures. I used up all of my free space.

I only had room for one picture and even though I have some better ones, I kinda liked this blurry one the best. Kinda arty, huh?

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