Thursday, October 30, 2003

Patty Griffin is sooo great!

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Strokes, Room on Fire - Reptilla

O.K. So this Strokes album ain't bad. I really dig it.

I also, really, really, really, really, really dig Patty Griffin. She is Amazing!

So I went to this "guitar pull" thingy with Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Dar Williams, and Patty Griffin last night. They talked for like 20 minutes between songs and bored me and Julie something awful. Shawn Colvin is just a sad, sad creature.

But then when it's Patty's turn to sing, she BLEW the others away!! It was shocking to hear three well respected singer/songwriter types do their thing, and then to hear Patty right next to them. She had the best voice, best guitar (flatpicking the whole time), and best songs! A Trifecta.

So if you get the chance to see Patty live, go and see her, you won't be sorry!


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

VH1 can Suck it!

So I'm watching "I Love the 80's Strike Back" this past weekend. In between the shows, they play this Yeah Yeah Yeah's song. I don't remember which one, but it sure was a song by a cool band.

They do the same thing with the Flaming Lips "Do You Realize."

They obviously like cool music, but how come they only use it for promos. That's all I'm saying.

I loved Johnny before it was cool to say so.

"Every man is destined to be a fool for at least one woman in his life. I pity the man who never fulfills that destiny." - Johnny Cash


Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Back from Plan 9

what i'm listening to Right Now: stellastarr, On Fire - In the Walls

Wow!! I LOVE plan 9!! I'm so lucky to have a great record store like it!

I'm back from my lunch break and here is what I did. I left Ft. Eustis and drove up to Williamsburg. Fist stop Plan 9 Music. I debated buying Denali's new one. Patty Griffin's new one. Beth Orton's greatest hits. Didn't see the Shins.

I got Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home in SACD. SACD is this "breakthrough" in CD technology. Supposedly has higher sample rates. But you have to have a special SACD player to hear it. But, no worries, these are "Hybrid" disks that also have the normal CD playing capability. The guy that re-mastered this told me that Mr. Tambourine Man sounds better than ever on SACD, and that because of the remastering, the normal CD files sound better too. But I loaned it to Jaime to listen to at work (I met her at lunch), so I don't have it to listen to.

What I am listening to is a sampler disk from RCA that Plan 9 gave me. It is awesome! What a great idea! I don't know if it came with the Strokes CD or just Plan 9 was giving them out, but it is called "On Fire" and has the following track listing:

My Morning Jacket - Run Thru
stellastar* - In the Walls
Longwave - Tidal Wave
Kings of Leon - Spiral Staircase
VUE - She's Sweet

Is that an awesome mix or what! I already own Longwave and Kings of Leon. I've been meaning to check out My Morning Jacket and Stellastar so that was quite a bonus. Thanks Plan 9!!

Oh, and the Strokes album came with the promotional 7" vinyl single! So I bought two CD's, but left the store with 3 CD's and a vinyl record. Good Deal!

Strokes Day

what i'm listening to Right Now: Patty Griffin, 1000 Kisses - Rain

Well it's Strokes day. The new album is out. I'm going to try to pick it up in Williamsburg at Plan 9. Gotta support my local music place where they sell music at. I've been debating whether to pick up The Sounds new one, or the Shins new one while I'm there.

Man I got a big meeting coming up so I'm in my LLBean orange shirt from the Outlet Mall. $4.79.

Pitchfork weighs in on the Strokes.

Next Monday, Nov 3rd, Sarah McLachlan is supposed to be on Letterman.

Tomorrow is Patty Griffin in Richmond. Julie and I still haven't figured out what we are wearing.

Next week Rooney and The Sounds!


Saturday, October 25, 2003

Listen to Room On Fire RIGHT NOW LEGALLY!

what i'm listening to Right Now: Strokes, Room on Fire - I Can't Win

Well I've promoted Lisa to Best Friend and moved Doug to Sister-in-Law, cause she told me that the entire Room on Fire album by the Strokes is online at MTV.com.

Here it is! Totally legal! If you like what you hear, support the artist.

Oh, and this is for Anise who posted this picture out the window of her office. Well, no one has a more horrible office space than I do. I took a picture myself:

Out Office Window


Friday, October 24, 2003

Strokes Radio Show

Sound Opinions is a Chicago Radio show that is cohosted by the rock critics for the two big Chicago newspapers. I listen to them while I'm at work.

The Strokes show if finally up. They talk about the Strokes and review the new album 'Room on Fire'. You can find it here.

I haven't listened to the leaked versions yet. I know where to get the leaked version, but I've refrained. I have heard all of the new songs that they debuted last year during the tours. "Between Love and Hate (formally Ze Newie)", "You Talk Way To Much", "Meet Me in the Bathroom", and "The Way it Is". I heard these songs at their live shows, and listened to the live bootlegs of these songs for over a year. I really liked them. They sound very much like the songs on 'Is This It'. They wrote these songs while on the 'Is This It' tour so it makes sense that they sound a lot like the 'Is This It' songs.

The other tracks that fill out the album were written after the "Is This It" period. Recently I've heard these post-Is This It songs at the live show I went to, and the Sound Opinions radio show played some long clips of the new tracks. I haven't heard the album yet, as I said before, but I'm going to make some comments anyway.

Here is the track list for Room on Fire. I've put an (N) on the post-Is This It songs and a (O) on the Is This It era songs:

’What Ever Happened?’ (N)
’Reptilia’ (N)
’Automatic Stop’ (N)
’12:51’ (N)
’You Talk Way Too Much’ (O)
’Between Love & Hate’ (O)
’Meet Me In The Bathroom’ (O)
’Under Control’ (N)
’The Way It Is’ (O)
’The End Has No End’ (N)
’I Can't Win’ (N)

In the little bit I've heard of the new album, I hear a distinct difference in the attitude between the (O) songs and the (N) songs. I can hear the difference of the songs Julian wrote while on tour, versus the songs he wrote later, when he was back in New York. On tour (the (O) songs) are more hectic. Harder. Rocking. The After-tour (the (N) songs) are much mellow-er. Laid back. Relaxed. Sigh's.

But I've only heard the live versions of all these songs, and a few clips of the album stuff, so this is just a guess. Live versions always sound different than the Album versions. I'll find out if my theory is correct this Tuesday.

Strokes week almost here.

It's less than a week till their new album (it's already out in the U.K.), but the Strokes media hype machine is in full gear. I know it's not cool to admit it, but I'm excited.

Rolling Stone Cover story.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Strokes Backlash in Full Effect

what i'm listening to Right Now: Simpsons, Entire 3rd Season DVD - Dog of Death (w/ Commentary)

Wow, Strokes backlash time already? Seven days till the new Strokes Album and here we go.

Hardglitter is Upset with a capital "Uh" at the video for the new Strokes single 12:51.

I quote David Spade in Tommy Boy, "I'm sensing your sarcasm." Ypersound isn't exactly down on the Strokes in this post, but, well, you be the judge.

Here's a direct link to the Chicago-Sun Times review of Room on Fire and the live show at that HORRIBLE VENUE the Aragon Ballroom.


Monday, October 20, 2003

The Hives - Dead??

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Stills, Logic Will Break Your Heart - Lola Stars and Stripes

Check it out. Sample the Stills whole album at their website.

But lets get down to brass tax: What is this supposed to mean? I hope it's a marketing gimmick cause I dug the Hives.

"We are the Hives, you're new favorite band!"


Sunday, October 19, 2003

ITunies RockaRoonies

Yo!!! Just saw Magdalene Sisters. Shizzam, that was downer.

But Britney is about to be on Saturday Night Live. Who will she make out with this time?

Justin Timberlake stopped by the house the other day. Not really, but he visited all these charities in Norfolk before his show at the Norva. I kinda wanted to see him live after that HILARIOUS Saturday Night Live episode of last week. That was a great one. Based on his performance in that show, I'm now think Justin is not that bad.

Outkast is the coolest rock-n-roll band in America right now. Maybe not. I don't know. Slate says as much here.

I spend my Saturday mornings drinking fresh ground Mocha Java blend and watching VH1's top 20 countdown. I don't usually follow crappy music, but I try to catch VH1's countdown just to see a few videos. I saw Outkast's new one. Groovy. Can't get that song outta my head.

And I downloaded the new iTunes for windows today. I am very impressed. You can sample stuff and buy single tracks. I haven't downloaded anything yet, but I will!!

Of course, you should support your local independent record store first and foremost, but iTunes has it's place.

Oh, since I started typing this, Britney came on SNL and, am I wrong, or was she lip syncing! It was REALLY, REALLY obvious!!


Friday, October 17, 2003

National Mensa Testing Day

Hey gang, Just thought you'd be interested to know that tomorrow, Oct. 18, 2003 is Mensa's National Testing Day.

There is a testing center in Newport News too!

I was thinking of trying it until I took the mind challenge on this page.

Guess I won't be joining Mensa anytime soon.

Go check it out, maybe you're Mensa material.


Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Modern Age is Out.

what i'm listening to Right Now: Kimya Dawson, Im Sorry That Sometimes Im Mean - Talking Ernest

O.K. Just when I was getting my Links revamped, Miss Modernage gets all high and mighty. I think Anise says it good here.

GarageDream is in!! I've had GarageDream in my bookmarks folder for-eva, so it's about time I linked it.

**Strokes are on Conan every Teusday in NOVEMBER!! I previously said it was October and I've stayed up late tonight to watch it, and it's not November!! I guess that's why they are not on tonight.

**Denali in Richmond next Wens. Who's going with me?

** Check it out. Just added a "Local Shows" area. It might be a hassle to keep updated, but I'll try.

Strokes Live in Baltimore - Oct 12 Aught-3

This show was the first time I tried to take pictures with my digital camera. It didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. I need to figure out how to set exposure and aperture and stuff like that.

Regina Spektor was up first. I really, really, really like her so this was a big plus to have her open the show. She brings a single drumstick out with her. She is just awesome. I really enjoyed her show. On one song, she drums with one hand and plays the piano with the other (song is called "Poor Little Rich Boy"). She sang this other song about shooting the sun that I wish I knew the title to. She asked the audience to help her sing "Ugh" during the chorus of one song. They weren't getting into it, so she said, "Do it, you'll feel better." She also had her new CD available at the Merch table. Is says, "limited pressing for strokes tour." So Na-Na-Na! I got it, you don't!

Some jerk kept heckling her, "Play freebird." She said, "F**K Freebird, man." And I applauded. Skrew that guy. Jerk. I think it put her in a bad mood. Someone else, a fan, kept yelling "Samson" (one of her popular songs) and she played it last, but she played it fast, and ran off.

Here are some horrible, unflattering pictures of her, including a blurry one (pictures open in same window): one, two, three

The Kings of Leon are cool. I got their CD and I like it a lot. They didn't seem to get into it till the end. I think they were having some amp trouble through most of their set. The roadies were on stage during the first 4 songs trying to fix something. It was a VOX amp, so maybe you touring musicians should avoid those.

Here is a pic of Caleb, the lead singer:

Kings of Leon

The Strokes are TIGHT! Every little pause in the music is timed perfectly. The show was great. Julian was in a good mood. "Thanks for comin out. Wow, we still have fans. Thats cool."

They played a bunch of their new stuff and equal amounts of old stuff. Go to the strokes home page. Click on "News", and then click on the News from the tour bus.

Here are some more of the pictures. One, Two, Three.

Yeah, they had stuff projected behind them. They even had a theme song kinda thing. The lights went dark. This spooky music comes up, and these images get projected on the back wall, then the strokes come out. And Julian had a white belt.

Strokes Live in Baltimore - Oct 12 Aught-3


More to Come!


Sunday, October 12, 2003

Strokes video for 12:51

How come nobody told me this was up??

The video for the Strokes 12:51 is up on the Strokes web site! Here is the med level windows media one.

Great Show!!

And they finish with Barry Gibb! This was a great show. Non-actor guest hosts always make the best shows. Michael Jordan was one of the best shows SNL ever did!

"So when you want hardcore pornographic videos, look for this label. Cause it's not really pornographic unless it says Michael Jordan."

You know I once stood in the Saturday Night Live studio all by myself. Did I ever tell you that story? I'll have to one day, but I got to get to bed. Big day tomorrow. Strokes/Kings of Leon/Regina Spektor show!!!

70 Minutes In

"Someday we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection. The lovers, the Dushbag, and me"

40 Minutes In

"Bring it on down to Omletteville!"

30 Minutes in and Justin is my Hero!

Oh man, so far Justin Timberlake is HILARIOUS on SNL! His Aston Kucher impression was really good!

"I'm AWESOME, I love Justin Timberlake" That was fun-ay!.


Saturday, October 11, 2003

Kimya Dawson is AMAZING!

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Black Keys, Thickfreakness - Midnight

O.K. So i'm not listening to Kimya Dawson right now, but I tell you that I've listened to little else since I got back from the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players show at StarrHill in Charlottesville.

Ben and I drive the 2.5 hours up and sit down in the restaurant. "Grilled tuna with Creole mustard sauce, dirty rice" for me, "Falafel cucumber yogurt sauce, coconut curry risotto, spinach" for Ben. I finished off with "warm banana bread" topped with Ice Cream.

Upstairs to the Music Hall. The place looks like someone's living room. Low hanging ceiling, Persian-style area rugs, the artists mingle with the audience (there's no "backstage" area).

We enjoy the opener, Kurt Leibert. The stage lights dim, and the candles on the tables flicker. The room is dark. I'm now expecting the Trachtenburg's. This wild lookin chick (roadie?) walks up on stage and starts messin' with the guitars. Wild feedback pierces the ears as she attempts to plug in. There is some conversation and she winds up with Kurt's guitar.

The mahogany red stage still hasn't lit up and this cute little voice fills the room. "my heart is on my sleeve my head is in the sand I said how did we end up here? You said happenstance" I later learned this to be the song Chemistry from her most recent album, "My Cute Friend Sweet Princess." I bought it at the merchandise table. I told her, "I really liked your stuff." She said, "Thanks!"

I don't think she understood just what level of "liked" I was referring to. I AM CHANGED!! At least as far as what I thought about acoustic singing/songwriting. Her songs were so cheeky. Filled with pop culture references. But usually these Anti-folk types hide their emotions behind these clever references. Not Kimya!! She does what a great artist is supposed to. She writes songs that touch her deep.

Take this song "Talking Ernest" that she sang at Starr Hill. Blew Me Away!! It goes:

shoulda heard what my talking Ernest said to your talking pee-wee
he said "last night that furby it was talkin to me
talking in the language of love"

Sounds cheeky, funny, clever. But she does not hide behind this cheekiness. It builds to:

but talking Ernest he was just making small talk
there was something bigger on his mind

and then my talking Ernest said to your talking pee-wee
"hey man, it's over" he said "have you heard the news?
Jim varnish dead, he's dead"

and then your talking pee-wee said to talking Ernest
"but my friend he's not gone I pull the string on your back
and he lives on and on, on and on"

Now I make no secret of my un-ironic love and respect for Jim Varney. I'm DEAD serious when I say that Earnest Goes to Jail is a underrated movie (Jim Varney plays BOTH of the Main characters, one a ruthless Criminal!!). So maybe that's why this song stuck with me. But Kimya loves Jim Varney to. She isn't making fun of him. She's honoring him.

This song was written in her early days. More recently her songwriting has grown Wonderfully. I DARE YOU to go to her website, www.kimyadawson.com and download the track "Heroes 2002.mp3"

Listen to that one!

Listen to THAT one!!

Oh, yeah, and the Trachtenburgs were really enjoyable. Rachel is cute and Jason's a funny guy. I REALLY want to go down to Raleigh, NC to see them all again this Thursday, but that's a 4 hour drive one-way. I'm already going up to the see the Strokes/Kings of Leon/Regina Spektor show tomorrow in Baltimore (that's about 4 hour's one way). But that should be an Unbelievably good show! I'll tell you all about it when I get back!

Milt's Reply to my Letter.

My comments in Italics.

Derar (sic) Matt,

Thank you for your beautiful letter. Both opening acts are long-time friends of Jason's. He played with Kurt Leibert when they were both in Seattle. Kurt is one of a group called "Bicycle." and Jason toured as their opening act a number of years ago. Kimya is half of the group, Moldy Peaches. This is an opportunity to test her skills as a single. Both are solo acts for years but they never crossed over to where they could make a living by getting a major agent or the high paying venues. Kimya is a great songstress and has a marvelouis presentation (Milt's right, She was AMAZING!!).

Many bands choose their opening act because they are cheap and have no conception of the synergy that affects one's own performance. Jason selects his opening acts from a group of hard-working musicians who all perform at a small club called Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A in Alphabet City. Jason began there in the late 1980's. Kimya comes out of that scene. He met Kurt in the Seattle small cafe scene where he hooked up with people like Chris Ballew from PUSA and Mike Mussberger. he assiduously avoided the other Seattle music scene -- Kurt and Courtney and the addle-brained addict/sycophants that followed them around.

Orthers who have opened for Jason in NYC are on their way to headlining, They include the cowboy from Philadelphia, Langhorne Slim, the wonderful songstress, Regina Spektor (She is AWESOME too!!) and a soon to be sensation, Nellie McKay (Ever heard of her?). Even his mentor from his early NY days, Lach has opened for him. Each paid their dues and each reaches out to the next deserving act....

Jason accepts that his talent would still be making him handouts in the little clubs in Seattle if it weren't for Rachel. She is the added factor that made his act one of the top nationally rated ones. Rachel is the star. Jason may be the genius but no matter what he does, it is Rachel for whom the crowd screams. She deserves the accolades. There isn't a nine year old on the planet with her poise and her ability to take over a show without seeming hammy. She had all that ability way before ever stepping on a stage. She is an old soul!

I also drive about 2 - 2 1/2 hours to see them in NYC. IT is only 80 miles to the tunnel entrance but driving through NY is another story. I've made it to NY in 80 minutes only to get caught in traffic and lose another 2 hours in traffic getting to the venue. But they are my kids so I have no complaints.

So, hum the tunes and share your feelings about this band with your readers and whoever else you come across who may be interested. They have grown by word of mouth referrals. Ther great publicity would have been worthlwess if the first people who saw the show had told the next group that it stank.

If you need any additional information, please don't hesitiate to contact me. I am the TFSP cop man. Instead of handing out poisonous drugs, I hand out the recipe for a slightly skewed by enriching good time.

Lollipops and unicorns,



Wednesday, October 08, 2003

"Hello Mr. Trachtenburg," and My AWESOME concert night.

Hello Mr. Trachtenburg,

Thank you so much for the note!

I did indeed enjoy the show. That venue is a 2.5 hour drive for me so, you can imagine I don't make that trip for just any ole show. Your son's band is actually the second time I thought it worthy enough to make the trip. I was not disappointed!

I'm speaking the truth when I say, "That was one of the GREATEST show's I've ever seen." The opener guy was quirky and funny. Then the second act, name of Kimya Dawson was AWESOME!! I was incredibly impressed with her!! I bought both her CD's she had for sale. Does Jason plan out who will open for him? Because it just seemed to work out so great. All the acts were different, but all the acts got laughs. The first guy (I'm sorry I didn't get his name.) was just doing straight comedy. Then Kimya had more serious songs, but they still were loaded with cheeky comments and such (did I mention how impressed I was with her?).

The openers were just the perfect setup for the Trachtenburg Family. The venue is so perfect. It's so intimate and clean. Like a fancy living room in someone's house. Rachel was sitting at the Projector watching the opening acts.

There was some trouble with the high hat stand in the beginning. Little Rachel would stop mid song and say, "Dad!" and Dad would just stop and go fix it. She told her dad that some of her chimes were missing, that the "Christian Terrorists" had glasses "Just like yours." She said she wanted to play their 4 year anniversary show at the same place where they had their fist show. Dad said, "Why it was a dump." If that's not available she wants to play Sidewalk or Fez, or "Some place I like."

I got a t-shirt and Rachel signed it for me. I was looking for Jason after the show to talk with him a bit, because he had such a good sense of humor. When I was walking out the door, I spotted him over in the corner signing things. It was already midnight and since I had that 2.5 hour drive home and work the next day, I just took off.

If I had to offer some constructive criticism it would be...personal introspection. A tiny little bit of the show should be personnel to the artist. How do the slides expose feelings in the artist?

I can tell Jason has a special brain. To be able to look at the slides of the army nurses and think "Look at me". He said during the show, "When I looked at these slides, every one seemed to say 'Look at Me'" He saw a theme in the slides and used that as the subject of the song. That was a very, very clever song. I'm a self-proclaimed comedy-scientist and the "writing" of the comedy in "Look at Me" is brilliant.

In contrast, the comedy (and therefore the majority of the entertainment value of the piece) in "What will the Corporation do" is found in the slides themselves. He simply shows them and reads them. There wasn't as much "writing" in it.

I don't know what I'm getting at, and I'm writing myself, aren't I?. Sorry to let this turn into a novel.

Thanks again for the note! Your progeny are very talented!!

-love, Matt

PS. I think I'll post this on my weblog in it's entirety since I wanted to post my concert story on there anyway and this seems to hit all the major points. If you don't want your note on there, let me know and I'll remove it.

Thanks again, and I'll spread the word!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 14:56:07 EDT
From: MTracht------@---.com
To: mcox@pcs.cnu.edu
Subject: Re TFSP

I just stumbled onto your website. I hope you enjoyed seeing the
Trachtenburg Family in live performance. This was a show I wish I could have attended:
great venue, powerful opening acts and early in the tour when the performers
still aren't road-weary. That 83 Suburban is a heller to drive! It is a
reliable dinosaur.

I hope you also took the opportunity to visit with the band after the show.
They are probably the easiest band in the land to approach and talk to.

I also hope you enjoyed seeing the youngest professional rock musician
perform. She is something else and adds to the creativity her father has put into
the show and his music. Did she let go any ad libs? She usually can be
counted on to comment about something but we never know what. That lends the show
another unique aspect. Also, during the opening acts, she often turns up in
the audience to watch the show.

If you liked the show, do tell your friends. If you didn't like it, let the
band know because they work hard to build a show for you. You can contact
them directly at slideshowplayers@yahoo,com/ If you want to contact them to
praise them, the best thing you can do is sign the guest book at

Have a great day.

Milt Trachtenburg (of course I'm related. I'm Jason's dad and Rachel's


Tuesday, October 07, 2003


what i'm listening to Right Now: Rooney, Rooney - Popstars

I make a habit of checking out the Von Bondies website every now and again. I've been disappointed with every visit for the last few months. Today I just went to check it out and saw that they are touring again!! That is GREAT news, but they ain't coming anywhere near the "real world." At least, not right now. Can't wait for the new album though!!

Check out their webpage in the newly revised links section.

Just redid my Links

I've spent a bit of my lunch hour updating my links.

Non-rock-n-roll ones:

I've added a great blog I discovered through Losingmyedge.com that I really, really enjoy. It's not Rock-n-Roll exactly, but really well done anyway. It's called Top of the Shelf. And I really like it.

In the same vein, Flizzum Flopp is another one that is full of little bits of life that bring a smile to my face (Full Disclosure: Flizzum and I are former lovers).

I've added this Make Up Your Mind one too. I've been hitting it daily for a bit, we'll see if it holds my interest.

Music Related Links:

And yes, I've finally caved and added the Modernage. Hate to build up "their" ego with yet another link to "their" site, but it is a good read.

I've also modified the links in the "daily blogs" section to open in the same window as this one. I like the links to pop up in different windows in the body of the text, and on the band links so that you can keep reading this site, but on the "daily blogs" I want to be able to hit them all and just give a quick back and run down 'em. I used to do this at Jinners, but it was time to stop suckling the teat of mama Jin. Now I can pop on my own site and run down my favorite Bloggers everyday, with no middle-persons.

Finally, I've added Regina Spektor to the links area because her and Nellie McKay aren't really well known yet and you can't really buy their stuff in the national stores (I live out here in the "real world" remember), but both are very worth listening to.


Monday, October 06, 2003

Strokes Video from in the Studio!!!!!

Holy sweet Canoli this is wicked cool!

And I've finally heard Albert's Voice! Click on the "Listen to the Strokes Interview". (Sounds like he's smoked a bit too much. Or else he just ran a marathon before he called the interview in.)

3 movies in 3 days

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Raveonettes, That Great Love Sound - Love Can Destroy Everything

How I love the movies! But this year has been a bit of a letdown compared to years past. The tides may be turning cause I saw three great movies this weekend.

Friday I saw "School of Rock". It was VERY funny. I'm sure you noticed the Mooney Suzuki hanging out backstage at the "battle of the bands" contest. I noticed in the credits that Sammy James Jr. co-wrote and played some of the guitar on the School of Rock song.

(O-K. I just went over to google and found this article that says the same thing I just said, only better.)

Anywho, Jack Black makes this movie, but I give credit to screenwriter Mike White because "The Good Girl" was one of the great movies I've seen in the recent past. "Tom's my slave name." Mike White played the roommate in this movie, and the security guard in "The Good Girl."

Saturday I saw "Lost in Translation." It was excellent. I liked that the movie really respected the audience's intelligence. We don't need every darn thing spelled out. We don't need to know what was whispered at the end. But I have to be honest and say that this movie does not get made without American Zoetrope. I hate to bring it up, because Coppola, the daughter, is the better director in the family IMHO, but she wouldn't have got the budget or the actors or distribution without daddy. Hollywood just can't see the greatness in movies like this, preproduction.

Sunday I finally saw "Spellbound" at the Naro Cinema. It was FANTASTIC. Best of the three I saw this weekend! The spelling bee scences were really suspenseful. Great directing. Great stuff.


TUESDAY is First Conan Strokes Show for the Month of October.

THURSDAY, the Sounds are supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Friday, October 03, 2003

October/November is Live Music Month

what i'm listening to Right Now: White Stripes, De Stijl - You're Pretty Good Lookin (for a girl)

(Shows in bold are ones I've already bought tickets for. Still debating if I'll make it to these others)

Tuesday, Ben and I are headed up to Charlottesville to see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players at Starr Hill (which is the same AWESOME place I saw Richie Havens in).

Oct. 11 is the Tidewater Traditional Arts Festival which looks interesting.

Oct. 12 is the Regina Spektor (AWESOME), Kings of Leon, and the Strokes in Baltimore. Very exciting.

Oct. 13 is Michelle Branch at the Norva. I really want to see her. I'm a little embarrassed, but I like her. But the price is to steep with all these other shows. Plus it's my Dad's birthday. Rather spend the cash on him.

Oct. 14 is Justin Timberlake at the Norva. 21 and up only. Fifty-Five dollars!! Talk about steep. Instead I'll be up in Richmond to see the Black keys at Alley Katz.

Oct. 22 is Denali at Alley Katz.

Oct 29 is the Patty Griffin in Richmond!! Jules and I are going together. She's the one that turned me on to Patty Griffin.

Nov. 5 is Rooney and the Sounds at the Norva. FINALLY some cool bands come to the Norva!

Nov 17 I can't be sure, but according to Nanci Raygun's (in Richmond) website Broadcast are doing a show there. Broadcast's website doesn't mention it, but they are in DC the day before, so it makes sense that they would then come down the road for a Richmond show the next day. I hope they come to Richmond!

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