Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Interview and Live Perf

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was a guest on Sound Opinions radio the other week. They talk about how some of the songs from Howl were written back during the first album and about their troubles with their label.

They also perform some songs live, and here are some mp3 streams.


And now, I've gotta tell you people, why havn't you clicked this link to listen to this Delta 5 song?

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business.mp3

Maybe you've already heard the song. But that sure as heck better not be the case because if you've already heard this 1979 song and didn't tell me that it existed, well then...I would just be hurt. "Can I Interfere in your Crisis? No! Mind Your Own Business!"


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Again with Milk - Knife Song

The knife song is available again. Every song from the cd is here too. From the RNRNRW archives:



Monday, March 27, 2006

Mind Your Own Business, Firetrucks, and Rhapsody-to-go tale.

This is my new favorite dancing-in-the-shower song. Whoops, maybe that visual will sour you on the song (but that's your problem idn't it?):

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business

Also, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album "Show Your Bones" is not released until tomorrow, BUT However Also, it's available on Rhapsody Player right now! Very cool perk. I'm transferring it to my Creative Zen Micro as we, err me, speaks types.

The Rhapsody-to-go service is the coolest thing ever next to that Niji Waterbrush pen I talked about the other day.

But the Windows DRM security stuff is buggy. In fact, if I didn't have my 4 years of college computer courses and 5 years of computer job experience, I would have never figured out how to even upgrade the "Plays-for-sure" firmware on this Zen Micro to allow the Rhapsody-to-go service to work. Then! after the nightmare of "Plays-for-sure" upgrades, I suffered the indignity of trying to actually transfer subscrition music to this thing. Nope. After much "No License to Play Track" messages, I had to run a Windows Media Player update.

Of course, that didn't fix my problems either. I had already downloaded subscription tracks to my computer from before I upgraded to Rhapsody-to-go. So I had to delete all of those, and re-download all of those songs, and then they finally transferred to the player.

And everything is fine...until. Until the first month is up and I have to re-sync the Creative Zen with Rhapsody. Sounds good, but it syncs all downloaded music regardless if you transferred it to your player. I can't just update the license on the music that is there. So since I had imported non-subscription Christmas songs into Rhapsody, I had to go through my Zen and delete them as a separate step from the syncing. Whew!

Anyway, that's my tale. Now that I've figured it out, it'll be easy from here on out. I'm still listen to so much music that subscription services are a great value to me (especially now that I can take it "to go" on my Creative Zen Micro).


My neighbor had a floor furnace fire. I have a floor furnace too! Yikes! I woke up on my vinyl recliner around 5 am Sunday morning to find this outside my door:

Firetrucks at 5:00 AM Sunday morning


Friday, March 24, 2006

...Hello. I'm Here. And by the way.

Read this in Media Notes this morning:

"And one of the most delicious things about the profoundly parasitical world of blogs is that you don't have to have anything much to say. Or you just have to have a little tiny thing to say. You just might want to say hello. I'm here. And by the way. On the other hand. Nevertheless. Did you see this? Whatever. A blog is sort of like an exhale. What you hope is that whatever you're saying is true for about as long as you're saying it. Even if it's not much." - Some lady named Nora Ephron who directed a movie once.

I don't parrot Nora Ephron's views on much (mostly, because I don't know much about them), but this quote really gets at what blogs are about. "...hello. I'm here. And by the way." That's a great name for a blog.


Got my haircut. It looks much better with my newly shorn cheeks:

New Haircut


I found out about this amazing invention! I bought me one last night. It will revolutionize my life in fantastic ways! It is amazing! It's called a:

Niji Waterbrush

And it's used to do this thing called "Sketch Crawling". I can't wait to try it this weekend:



Also, since I love 'aught', our local big-shot museum the Chysler Museum of Art has a "Collecting the Impressionists" exhibit starting tomorrow. Plus they have lots of other good stuff there. I havn't been in a long time so it's time to get over there again. Who's with me?


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ramblin' Jack at SXSW

I've been googlin' and a tryin' to find anything on Ramblin' Jack Elliot's performance at the SXSW thingy.

I found these pictures Jack and the gang though: Anti-Hootenanny


From the RNRNRW archives:

Ramblin Jack Smiled at Me

Pickin' and singing "Momma You've Been On My Mind" at Paul's Deli last year:

At the Ryman almost a year later:


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stream Entire YYY's Album Today Only

What the hell is wrong with you people! You must listen to this again:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know.mp3

I'm so excited for the new YYY's album. I had heard that they were streaming the whole thing via Myspace, but it didn't work over the weekend. But today it's working and I'm listening and I'm Swooning. I'm only on track two actually so I better roll off the hyperbolesque talk.

For one thing I notice right off is that "Let Me Know" isn't on the album. I'm listening to this song once an hour for the last week! "Callin' Love's agonna let me know-whoa" The YYY's first album is still in my "BestOfBest" playlist and I hope this one is half as good because then it'll still be better than most of the albums that have come out so far this year.

Also, real quick, Stellastarr is coming to the Norva!!!! I couldn't believe how good Stellastarr's second album was. Their first being so awesome too should make one nice show. I'm not buying tickets yet until I know if my niece is out of the womb yet. I might have to head up to West Point to visit the newborn and family that weekend!

So, anywho, don't stop till you get enough. Stream Entire YYY's Today Only:


The Best Street In the World

I'm checking in on his pictures daily now (click the pic). Search for "Newport News" or "Hilton Villiage" at flickr.com and you'll find us.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Predict the Future of Music Distribution

Well, I tried to tell you people! I finally have a great idea, but I just don't know how to capitalize on it. Email me if you're ready to invest.

Wal-mart is planning DVD-On-Demand for their stores. It's the exact same scheme I concocted and pitched to my local indy record store. Wal-mart pays a license fee to the studios. They burn the DVD in the store while you wait.

Read this slate article,

And then read this thread from back in the beard contest for my plan.

The stores burn the CD's while you wait. Further I envision a Netflix-esqe shipping plan. No packaging. Just the pretty, labeled CD (and no digital rights restrictions) for less money than iTunes can sell the album.

You see, the first time all these itunes junkies try to move computers and their Digital rights stuff gets screwy, they'll be sorry.


Excerpt from my Whiskerino debate:

"Itunes has no artwork, digital rights restrictions and lower sound quality. All for 9.99 a "album". This plan of mine would allow you to offer no artwork (same as Itunes-artwork is in artists websites now), NO digital restrictions (better than Itunes) and CD quality sound (better than Itunes) for a lower price (better than Itunes).

This is a niche market in the beginning but your not just serving Southeast VA. It's worldwide. How many of us from whiskerino would be willing to buy a CD (in paper sleeve-but we provide our own hardcase just like we would with Itunes) for 6.99 2.00 shipping (and your prices will drop as the distribution channel gets more efficient. Itunes' prices will rise only because big labels want more money)?

My plan is to take the digital music model into the distribution chain to keep alive the record stores. You'll soon find yourself with less inventory. You just own a CD burner. If someone wants a CD, you burn it for them (in full CD quality, not Itunes quality). No leftover product. Less shelf space needed. No back room full of CDs. No shipping cost for the labels to send them to you. Less costs for you. You're closer to profitability.

All of this helps support the brick n mortar store. There are still point of sale terminals in the store. There is also online orders coming in. Less costs for both sides of the business.

Then if others copied the idea. Big deal! Time isn't the only dance club on Granby. You'll keep your customers through good service, fair prices, and a sense of community.

I'm a computer guy and I've attempted to embrace the Itunes way. This theory of mine is a direct result of my experiences with Itunes. As you said, Dave, Itunes will have higher prices soon enough (for the same lower quality sound and restrictions). They are setting the indy market up with their greed. My plan won't make anyone rich right away, but I think it might keep us all in business.

Deliver higher quality product at a lower price, all with better customer service. "


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Little Willies...

I was so excited when I heard Norah Jones and some other guys started a country band. They even had a song called "Lou Reed" and I got more excited. They got a cover of Hank Williams "Never Get Out of This World Alive" and I LOVE me some Hank.

TANGENT: I spent the weekend putting drywall up in my spare bedroom and in my Rhapsody Player I had 2 hours of Hank Williams included in my 5 hour playlist of music.

Anywho, when I finally listened to "The Willies" I threw up in my mouth a little bit, and then swallowed it. It sounds like it should, a bunch of New York Musicians butchering country classics.

Norah Jones voice is pretty though.

You can listen to it here.


Also, I found out about two hours before the deadline, but the Spinto Band had a contest to win a spot on their Guest List for their Artic Monkey's opening spots.

First you have to read the Spinto Contest Page. This was Jaime and I's entry that was pretty good considering we only found out about the contest a few hours before it closed, and for pulling off all the pictures and editing in 7 minutes (before we left for our "All Occasion Dance" class):

See, we only sent in the bottom picture. That top picture was the "instructions" that the Spinto's made. So we just copied it (I wonder how many people had the same idea?). We did screw up the order though which is what I get for doing it quickly.

And needless to say, we didn't win, but I decided to google around and see if I could find out who won. Well, I found this guy who won and from the looks of his pictures, he deserved it! Congratulations! I'm just glad a DC'er got it. That's the show I would of went to if I won.

Check out the winner:



Finally, Roger Ebert was a guest on Sound opinions radio the other week and told some great stories about the long lost Sex Pistols movie.

Sound Opinions is having BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) on next show. I never miss it:

Listen to archived shows at soundopinions.com


Friday, March 10, 2006

Spinto Band Cover Seal - Kiss From a Rose

The Spinto Band were on "The Dermot Show" on BBC 2 earlier this week with guest host Zoe Ball.

They covered Seal's "Kiss From a Rose":

The Spinto Band - Kiss From a Rose.mp3


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kimya Dawson - My Heroes

Kimya Dawson - My Heroes.mp3


There is a comic in my local paper that I always read. They are pretty clever.

Look for them in your own local paper or check them out at:


Islands MP3

This sounds pretty cool from a band called the Islands:

Islands - Rough Gem.mp3

Islands myspace site.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Rachael Ray Knife

Look what I scored with my 20% off Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon:

It's the Rachel Rey knife! And it's awesome. It's the the Furi East/West knife that's a combo of a Santoku and a Chef's knife.

I look pretty good without my beard huh? Well this baby is so sharp I could use it shave (but I'll save it for chopping peppers).


Friday, March 03, 2006

Strokes Video - Live in NYC

Now we can be there even though we weren't. From the Strokes show on March 01 at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

You only Live Once: http://youtube.com/the strokes you only live once

Soma: http://youtube.com/the strokes soma

And photos from the show. (And there is a great review of the show there.)


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Key of Clean Shaven

Last night, with the end of Whiskerino2005, I shaved off the beard.

Click the pic below for my shaving photos:

Feel Free to scroll up and check out my Archives! Thanks for stopping by!

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