Thursday, March 06, 2008

Uppababy Narrower Wheels

So I bought this fancy baby stroller for my upcoming daughter to ride around in plush comfort. I don't want ANY excuses for not going out when we have our kid. So I'm spending all my baby fund on going outside supplies.

The nursery? 100 dollar IKEA crib, IKEA matress, old futon, and dresser that I already owned. I don't think I've got $300 in the nursery. But the stroller? I got twice that in the stroller. This baby ain't due for another 9 weeks but I've had my Baby Ktan sling ready to go for three, so this baby is spending every moment of her first year out n about!

Anywho, I loved this Uppababy because it's an American owned company, foam filled rubber wheels (no flat tires), and it's cheaper than the other reversibles. It comes with a bassinet too which is cool. But it was WAY TOO WIDE!!!!! Sweet crud, the thing is full sized as it is, and I've only got 900 square feet and a Honda Fit so trying to fit a bit ole thing in a tiny space means every inch counts (like my honeymoon.........Now THAT's WIT!!).

So, I heard some blog rumors that they were narrowing the Uppababy with newly designed rear wheels. But, talented at tinkling the keys of google I may be, I could not find any photo to show me the difference. The Uppababy website didn't have any pictures (or ANY reference at all) of the narrow profile and neither did any other sites.

So, now that I took a chance and ordered the small wheels I thought I'd give something back and post said pictures myself. So if you are google'n "Uppababy narrower" or "uppababy slimmer wheels stroller" you can see for yourself.

Uppababy Vista - New narrow wheels

Uppababy Vista - New narrow wheels

Carpoolers from the Kids in the Hall guy

So the other day I saw this TV show called Carpoolers on ABC. Jerry Minor from Mr. Show was in it and Faith Ford and this hilarious actress who was selling this beauty product. And the other guys are funny too. I'm not selling it very well here, but so far I've only seen two episodes (they stream them for free on ABC.com)

They got these short videos on the carpoolers site that are great. The show is by Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall. Dave Foley and Scott Thompson had little bit parts in the clips I saw. It's really more of a sketch comedy show than a sitcom. A loose (and I mean LOOSE) plot exist, but only to set up funny scenes. It's a great show.

So basically, I've discovered my new favorite show just in time to have them cancel it. At least, that's been my history with ABC television so hopefully I'm wrong this time. I just sent back my Nielson TV Survey though and they gave me two bucks for it. Wild.

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