Friday, April 30, 2004

Choppa Time

After five years of work, I finally took the maiden voyage of my 71 Honda chopper.

Still needs a lotta work, but this year I will make it to the Smoke Out.

PS: I went last year on my other bike.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nellie on View

Nellie McKay is going to be on the View tomorrow (Friday).


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Darkness Comes

what i'm listening to Right Now: Guided By Voices w/ Julian Casablancas - Glad Girls

First off, check this groovy mp3 from Chicago's the M's called 2x2. There's more on their site too, Here.

And I just got word that The Darkness is coming to Portsmouth June 2nd. And I have the "Exclusive access" to presale tickets. Presale starts today and goes till Friday, when the general public tickets go on sale. I have the special presale codeword. Email me and I'll tell you.

Whatevs says they put on a killer show.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Holy Crizzap, Hollertronix comes.

Courtesy of catchdubs, who's always playing up these boys, check it here.

Some close to me may know catchdubs from the "thong song" track that I gave out on your mix tape...Lisa that's you.

President of Funny

Bob Odenkirk is Hi-Larious. I love him so much. I vote yes! Watch the ads. "He has BLINDERS ON!!"


Monday, April 26, 2004

Stupid JCrew

Jaime and I in Mirror at JCrew

Soundtrack of Our Lives Returns!!

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Still Aging

I love The Soundtrack of Our Lives last album "Behind the Music" and I thought I would listen to it again today as it had been awhile.

Tsool Band

Well it's still awesome.

I used to have a link to their website over there -> in my "bands i like" place. But I took it off a few months ago because it didn't work anymore. Well, I thought I would google around and see what's up with them.

Turns out they still have a website, but the URL is different. thesoundtrackofourlives.net (turn down speakers).

They are coming to NYC on July 15. Battery Park.

I wonder if it would be worth it to go up there and see them? I wanted to head up there and see Siren again this year though, which, interestingly enough, they released a partial lineup of the bands this year. Death Cab for Cutie anyone? (thanks to Ultralucky for telling me)

Also, I've added some more bloggy links over there -> including and mp3 one. Off of that one is some more mp3 blogs, so if you like music, and want to hear some new stuff explore them all.

Denali Break-up and MooneySuzuki.com gone?

what i'm listening to Right Now: Lou Reed & John Cale, Songs for Drella - Trouble with Classicists

It's true! Denali called it quits. They posted the news on the website.

Crud. I never got to see them live.

The other thing that I thought my loyal readers would get a kick out: I was in a JCrew store at Macarthur Center in Norfolk Sunday. I was taking pictures with my digital camera, and I GOT TAPPED! I got the tap in the JCrew. "We're sorry, but store policy doesn't allow pictures in the store."

I have bad luck with that camera I tells ya!

And I noticed themooneysuzuki.com is no more. What's up?


Friday, April 23, 2004

LONGWAVE Coming to Norfolk!!!

what i'm listening to right now: The King and Caroline - Everything's Alright

Hey, cool. The King and Caroline's new website. More Mp3s too!

"Everything's Alright" is really catchy. Kinda short, but sweet. Download it. (Its only 1.1 megs so you dialups can get it quick).

Nellie McKay.net comes through with another live Nellie show. Live at the Knitting Factory (including NEW songs!).

Now the BEST News!!! Longwave is coming!! Joe "imacuckoo" told me that the guy from Fantasy (the indie record store in town) was trying to book Longwave at Goodys (a really small venue). We didn't think he could pull it off. Maybe he proved us all wrong?

The Longwave website says "6/16 Norfolk, VA ... Venue TBA" so who knows? I don't care where they go, I'm there!


Thursday, April 22, 2004

Presidents Side of the Story

what i'm listening to Right Now: Muddy Waters - Trouble No More

The second greatest rock show I saw in 2003 I described back in my archives.

Well now we get to read about what the president was up to that same night (free registration required).

The speech he gives at the end of the article is the speech I saw with the Raveonettes guy next to me. I was in DC that night. Not more than a unladen swallows flight away from the White House. Weird times.

Seal of United States

I also discovered the reason the internet exists. To see video of George Bush giving us a tour of the Oval Office. My favorite line is "A presidents gotta elevate the discourse....uhhhhh" watch for that and laugh. Losta good insights in this video. Listen closely to the bit of history of which way the Eagle faces on the Seal of the United States.

And isn't Laura's Texas accent adorable!

And I saw this at a Barnes and Noble yesterday. How to Be President.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Worst Bootlegger Ever

Sounds Stage Backdrop

It's official.

I got "the Tap" for the third time in a row! Stupid video mode they complained about this time.

They were totally cool, but made me hit the erase button again. "No Problem Sir! You're just doing your job."

Little did he know, I wasn't worried about that so called "delete all" button. I have ways of dealing with that.

"media recover" is a marvelous thing. insert sinister laugh here.

I hung out in back this time. I saw the Sounds up close the last two times, so I wanted to get a different perspective for this show.

Oh, the Sounds were on Carson Daly last night. I was up late and I caught their performance. Poor Maja sounds raspy. I think she's been touring too much. They need to take a little break and rest up, poor Swedes.

Good music though. Jaime and I danced and danced and danced some more. Every song.

Hey Kate, were you wearing a blue tshirt? I tried to see if I could recognize you from your Howard Dean picture, but I wasn't sure. Right before I got kicked out, I thought you might of been in front me. But I was too busy being escorted out by security to chat it up.

I had to leave at 9:15 anyway, so the security guard came at the right time, so we didn't get a chance to see the very end of the show. Did they do anything special? Oh, and I love the new song "24 Hours" anybody got a copy of it I can download?


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Last Days of the Lobster

Poor little thing. Doesn't look too happy.

Jaime looking at Uncooked Lobster

And neither does the lobster.

But it only seemed to take about 20 minutes in the steamer to brighten her day.

Jaime eating cooked lobster


Monday, April 19, 2004

Free Sounds Tuesday

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Walkmen - What's In It For Me

Here is the email I got about the free Sounds show tomorrow:

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 18:14:36 -0500
From: webmaster@thenorva.com
To: mcox@pcs.cnu.edu
Subject: *** FREE CONCERT ***

This April marks the four year anniversary of The NorVa. In the past four years Prince, Stone Temple Pilots, Matchbox Twenty, Willie Nelson, Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff, Marilyn Manson, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Evanescence, Nickelback, Bob Dylan, A Perfect Circle, Billy Idol, Good Charlotte, Ringo Starr and over 600 more artists have rocked the stage of The NorVa. In honor of our anniversary, we are giving the gift to you. This Tuesday April 20th at 7pm at The NorVa we have a FREE concert with two of the most talked about indie bands in the country, The Sounds, who recently opened up for The Strokes at The NorVa, and Division of Laura Lee. The Sounds straddle the wide chasm of early 80s Punk, mid 80s dance and contemporary European songwriting to make a sound all of their own. Division of Laura Lee are equally influenced by 1980s indie rock, skater culture, and hardcore punk. They have established themselves in the underground scene as an amazing live act, with hundreds of shows behind them. Just show up THIS Tuesday April 20th and spend an incredible night at The NorVa for FREE. Of course our capacity is limited so get there early. If you would like a FREE ticket in advance visit Relative Theory Records above TIME on Granby Street.

So, I guess you don't need any tickets. You just show up. How early though, I wonder? I wish I would of read this on Friday, I coulda went by Relative Theory and got tickets. Who wants to go from the Peninsula? I got room in the car.


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Free Killers Mp3

what i'm listening to Right Now: James Brown - The Payback

Best rhythm guitar ever!

Oh, and music (for robots) posted a download-able track from the Killers EP. Go get it, if you want to know what all the fuss is about. Lotsa good stuff over there. May have to perma-link it.


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Please Don't Die Mike

what i'm listening to Right Now: The O'Franken Factor

"I Got a Two Bedroom!"

"wrigley and comiskey picture difference girl boobs"

"Jesus...saw his shadow...two more weeks of winter"

I just want to take this time to praise toole.blogspot.com for being such a great part of my day. Funny, Funny, Funny stuff. But mostly I just want to state publicly that I was very scared for him reading his first heart story, but I'm really glad he found the problem. And I'm glad he's not on coke.

And I also want to remind my readers on my comments on the Stellastarr* show in Richmond. "They were....Alright" "Sleepy." Well it must not of been a fluke performance. Whatevs.org said they acted the same way up in Detroit. Check it.


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Daddy I'm Scared of the Underwear Guy

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Strokes, Room on Fire - I Can't Win

Slate.com has a good recap of the Dylan Veronica's Closet ad.

And they rip into "Best Week Ever." Does David Spade get royalties from VH1? His Hollywood Minute invented their entire lineup (I Love..., Best Week, etc)

And I took back the Canon s400 and got the Nikon 3200 instead. I know the manager of the Williamsburg Ritz Camera store (I woke up next to her this morning), so I get to play with all the cameras, and the Nikon 3200 is the best point and shoot digital on the market right now. The auto settings just capture the best pictures.

I used to have the Nikon 2100, and I complained about it's concert shots being blurry, but actually, that was more "user error" as we say in the computer biz. The 3200 has an ISO "gain up" to 200 so I think it will be even more versatile than my old one.

I'll be testing it out at the FREE Sounds show next Tuesday. Hard to believe it's been five weeks since I last saw them. Sigh. I found this interview with Maja on google.

Hey, my local "Modern Rock Alternative" station 96x has a playlist online. They've got some decent stuff on there. Jaime even heard my precious Killers on there!! Jaime (my Ritz manager, who I've seen naked) even called them to say "I LOVE THE KILLERS!!" So we're doing our part to spread the word. The Killers EP is available on iTunes now too.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

Tap Times Two

I just realized. That's two shows in a row for me (Killers/Stellastarr and Dylan) that I was tapped on the shoulder.

Also, I love Longwave. They have two new songs up on their website. I love "When It's Gone." Go find them at www.longwavetheband.com.


Thursday, April 08, 2004

Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius

Me looking PO'd

Driving home from the Bob Dylan show at the Norva. Quite disappointed.


An 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of green paper becomes law as you enter the Norva. "No Photos." Not that I saw it.

Usually it's on the ticket. "No Photos."

Not my ticket though.

What a good deal. Dylan's playing this intimate venue, and doesn't mind the cameras. Good deal. Guess those super models softened him up a bit, eh?

Oh, but it was him. I know it! He ratted me out! Not that I was even attempting to hide any wrong doing. I wasn't doing anything wrong in my mind. I looked, and I didn't see any notices anywhere.

I waited 4 hours to buy tickets. 58 dollars it cost me. I waited 2 hours the day of the show. It paid off too. I was center stage, with three old ladies, and a grey bearded hippie between me and him.

I had just bought a new digital camera. It didn't take very good pictures. There was plenty of light for my Nikon to handle this show. But this Canon just wasn't doing as good as I had hoped, and certainly not twice as expensive good. But it had this movie feature. With sound. Hey, these look pretty good. I'll just play around with these and hope the sound comes out o.k. Dylan doesn't mind that. Bootlegs are all over. Bootlegs made this guy.

The tap on my shoulder came late in the show. I would later realize this was the end of the last song, before the encore. Two security guards. "Come on. Go that way." Pointing toward the bar. Another joins in the fun. "Let me see that camera."


"Don't worry, I'll be right behind you"

"Good for you."

I'm escorted through the crowd. The most evil bastard who ever walked the earth. I wasn't trying to be sneaky. I was snapping pictures all day and night and never once tried to hide that camera. No, "put that away and don't let me see it again" stuff. Just "Come on. Go That Way" and I lose my primo spot I deserved. The spot I earned with pain in my boot heels, and a bladder ready to burst.

Someone touches my face. "There he is." And softly, gently places their hand on my cheek.

I'm outside now. Just like that. From front-center, to outside in an instant. Surfing the wake of Three Security guards.

A finger waves another black tshirt over. How many is that now? Four.

"Erase 'em all. Right now."


"No Pictures"

"How am I supposed to know there's no pictures."

"There's a sign on the door"

There it is. My fate. Sealed on the center of the interior door. A splotch of green on a sea of gawdy posters. "No Cameras"

I fumble my way with the unfamiliar camera.

"You guys go on, I'll handle this" And the Big One sends his buddies back inside.

I show him the screen. "Erase All." I hit enter and watch him analyze the progress bar. Tick, Tick, Tick. All my fun, and no way to prove it. All Gone.

"Take it out to your car and I'll let you back in"

"Take it out to my car!!!"

"Take it out, I'll let you back in. Hurry up and you won't miss much."

Sprinting back across Monticello Ave, I see the encore. Is that wrinkled spec up there...Is that Dylan?

See how disappointed I am driving home (up there ^)?

Well, Well, Well! Turns out the jokes on... well me. Because if I didn't take that picture, I probably would of recovered every file! Alas, I couldn't get them all. But, oh, I did have video of me getting kicked out. Yeah, that's what I said. Here is the video of the second to the last song, "It Ain't Me Babe." You can hear just how awful poor Dylan's voice has become, but how tight his band is. You can hear me sing along a bit around 1:20. The movie is a little choppy because the movies are only 3 minutes long, so there are a few quick breaks, but they're not that noticeable. You'll see at the end where the security guy grabs my arm and the camera goes black because I put it by my side as I was walking out. The security guy's voice is really mumbled, but you can hear him.

UPDATED May 27:It Ain't Me Babe + "The Escort" (4 MB, so if you're on a dialup, it might take 30 minutes or so.) Instead of a video of the whole song, here's a short clip that just shows the part where the security guy grabs my arm. "The Escort" (.8 MB so you dialups can get it easy)

I've got more too, but I won't post 'em here. I don't have enough web space. But I got most of them back. Listen to this man, He is so right on. I am the man. And I stuck it to the man, didn't I?


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Fight the Power!

Armed with my trusty Photo Recovery Software, I present to you...

Dylan at Piano Singing

Modest Mouse Interview

@ The Onion AV Club

And Don't Worry people, I'm going to get some Image Recovery software and Save the pictures they made me erase!! You can't get away with treating me like a petty thug, Bill Reid!! Your Goon-squad doesn't scare me!! NOTHING will protect you from the fiercely worded letter you'll soon be receiving!!

And seriously, who touched my face.


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Who Touched My Face

I just got back from the Dylan show.

Someone said:

"There he is" and then touched my face. It sounded like a female voice. I couldn't tell who it was because I was being escorted out by security.

If you did it out there in reader land, let me know. Was it MB, or Kate? Or someone else? Come on....fess up.


Monday, April 05, 2004

More Dylan Tickets Released

"The record company has released a few additional tickets for The Bob Dylan show at The NorVa TOMORROW night at 8pm. These remaining tickets will be on sale starting at 6pm at all Ticketmaster outlets and www.ticketmaster.com."

I got a Canon Powershot S400 today so I should be set up for the show tomorrow. It has selectable ISO settings which may allow me to take decent concert shots. I'm still learning about this photography stuff. I'm going to experiment with some low light photos tonight so I know what settings to have at the show tomorrow.

Kurt Cobain memories at Black Table.com

Fluxblog has "Smells Like Teen Spirt" to download if you want to hear it again.

I have an idea. How about we remember when he was alive! He died a pathetic junky. He lived in his art. Here's my story:

My father in the Army, we were sent over to Bremerhaven, Germany when I was 11. At that young age, I did what most do. I listened to what my parents listened to mostly. But, even then, I always liked a good bass line. Oak Ridge Boys and Elvis Presley. Great stuff.

The first year of living in a new place is a time for reinventing yourself. Add to that the preteen desire to "find my own music" led me to the Weekly Top40 with Shadow Stevens on Armed Forces Radio (AFN). I obsessed over that show and thanked my Panasonic boom-box for offering freedom from youth. Paula Abdul was big-time for me then. I would listen to the top 40 and jot down what songs were where on the charts. Then the next week, I would have a blank cassette and wait. I'd know that "All Around The World" by Lisa Stansfield would be coming up. I'd wait, and when I heard the opening notes of a song I liked, I'd hit record. What I did before the Internet, heh!

I resisted "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at first. As a skateboarder kid, I was supposed to like stuff like that, but I just couldn't stand the thought of being into "Heavy Metal." My friend Kerry Alles was all into them though. I rolled my eyes when he talked them up. I just didn't like the thought of me, little ole me, being into that "Heavy Metal" music.

One day, in my bedroom. Listening to AFN. They played the song. My cassette always at the ready, I went ahead and hit "record." I listened over, and over and over again. I dug out my headphones so I could isolate the noise. I grabbed a set of my old Powell Rib-Bones and started banging the bed like the drummer.

The next day I borrowed Kerry's tape and listened to the whole album. I had this 50 minute bus ride to school so I heard the whole thing that morning. Chris' Bass!!! "Dohhn-Doh-Doh-Doh....Doh,Dohn,Doh,Dohn" to start "Polly." "Do-Do-Doo-Doo-Dowww-Do" in "Breed." "Down-Down-Do-Down-Do-Down-Do-Downn" in "Come As You Are." Man, that love affair with bass lines was still there, but this was no Oak Ridge Boys!

Yeah, Nevermind. I later bought Incesticide and wore it out too. That Bass. In fact, I think that Bass Player Chris influenced me more than that singer guy did. Yeah that guy was alright. Lets use this day to remember the unsung hero of Nirvana, Chris Novoselic.


Friday, April 02, 2004

Kim Deal's New Band, The Pixies

what i'm listening to Right Now: Nellie Mckay (not nelly mckai), Get Away From Me - Manhattan Avenue

Remember Kim Deal's band, the Breeders. Well she's in a new band thats going out on tour. The new band's name is, The Pixies

Slate.com article about them.

Shins, Shins, Shins!

Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins, Shins.

June 15 at the Norva!! (good eye to imacuckoo)

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