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Monday, April 05, 2004

More Dylan Tickets Released

"The record company has released a few additional tickets for The Bob Dylan show at The NorVa TOMORROW night at 8pm. These remaining tickets will be on sale starting at 6pm at all Ticketmaster outlets and www.ticketmaster.com."

I got a Canon Powershot S400 today so I should be set up for the show tomorrow. It has selectable ISO settings which may allow me to take decent concert shots. I'm still learning about this photography stuff. I'm going to experiment with some low light photos tonight so I know what settings to have at the show tomorrow.

Kurt Cobain memories at Black Table.com

Fluxblog has "Smells Like Teen Spirt" to download if you want to hear it again.

I have an idea. How about we remember when he was alive! He died a pathetic junky. He lived in his art. Here's my story:

My father in the Army, we were sent over to Bremerhaven, Germany when I was 11. At that young age, I did what most do. I listened to what my parents listened to mostly. But, even then, I always liked a good bass line. Oak Ridge Boys and Elvis Presley. Great stuff.

The first year of living in a new place is a time for reinventing yourself. Add to that the preteen desire to "find my own music" led me to the Weekly Top40 with Shadow Stevens on Armed Forces Radio (AFN). I obsessed over that show and thanked my Panasonic boom-box for offering freedom from youth. Paula Abdul was big-time for me then. I would listen to the top 40 and jot down what songs were where on the charts. Then the next week, I would have a blank cassette and wait. I'd know that "All Around The World" by Lisa Stansfield would be coming up. I'd wait, and when I heard the opening notes of a song I liked, I'd hit record. What I did before the Internet, heh!

I resisted "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at first. As a skateboarder kid, I was supposed to like stuff like that, but I just couldn't stand the thought of being into "Heavy Metal." My friend Kerry Alles was all into them though. I rolled my eyes when he talked them up. I just didn't like the thought of me, little ole me, being into that "Heavy Metal" music.

One day, in my bedroom. Listening to AFN. They played the song. My cassette always at the ready, I went ahead and hit "record." I listened over, and over and over again. I dug out my headphones so I could isolate the noise. I grabbed a set of my old Powell Rib-Bones and started banging the bed like the drummer.

The next day I borrowed Kerry's tape and listened to the whole album. I had this 50 minute bus ride to school so I heard the whole thing that morning. Chris' Bass!!! "Dohhn-Doh-Doh-Doh....Doh,Dohn,Doh,Dohn" to start "Polly." "Do-Do-Doo-Doo-Dowww-Do" in "Breed." "Down-Down-Do-Down-Do-Down-Do-Downn" in "Come As You Are." Man, that love affair with bass lines was still there, but this was no Oak Ridge Boys!

Yeah, Nevermind. I later bought Incesticide and wore it out too. That Bass. In fact, I think that Bass Player Chris influenced me more than that singer guy did. Yeah that guy was alright. Lets use this day to remember the unsung hero of Nirvana, Chris Novoselic.

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