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Monday, April 26, 2004

Soundtrack of Our Lives Returns!!

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Still Aging

I love The Soundtrack of Our Lives last album "Behind the Music" and I thought I would listen to it again today as it had been awhile.

Tsool Band

Well it's still awesome.

I used to have a link to their website over there -> in my "bands i like" place. But I took it off a few months ago because it didn't work anymore. Well, I thought I would google around and see what's up with them.

Turns out they still have a website, but the URL is different. thesoundtrackofourlives.net (turn down speakers).

They are coming to NYC on July 15. Battery Park.

I wonder if it would be worth it to go up there and see them? I wanted to head up there and see Siren again this year though, which, interestingly enough, they released a partial lineup of the bands this year. Death Cab for Cutie anyone? (thanks to Ultralucky for telling me)

Also, I've added some more bloggy links over there -> including and mp3 one. Off of that one is some more mp3 blogs, so if you like music, and want to hear some new stuff explore them all.

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