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Friday, April 23, 2004

LONGWAVE Coming to Norfolk!!!

what i'm listening to right now: The King and Caroline - Everything's Alright

Hey, cool. The King and Caroline's new website. More Mp3s too!

"Everything's Alright" is really catchy. Kinda short, but sweet. Download it. (Its only 1.1 megs so you dialups can get it quick).

Nellie McKay.net comes through with another live Nellie show. Live at the Knitting Factory (including NEW songs!).

Now the BEST News!!! Longwave is coming!! Joe "imacuckoo" told me that the guy from Fantasy (the indie record store in town) was trying to book Longwave at Goodys (a really small venue). We didn't think he could pull it off. Maybe he proved us all wrong?

The Longwave website says "6/16 Norfolk, VA ... Venue TBA" so who knows? I don't care where they go, I'm there!

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