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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Daddy I'm Scared of the Underwear Guy

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Strokes, Room on Fire - I Can't Win

Slate.com has a good recap of the Dylan Veronica's Closet ad.

And they rip into "Best Week Ever." Does David Spade get royalties from VH1? His Hollywood Minute invented their entire lineup (I Love..., Best Week, etc)

And I took back the Canon s400 and got the Nikon 3200 instead. I know the manager of the Williamsburg Ritz Camera store (I woke up next to her this morning), so I get to play with all the cameras, and the Nikon 3200 is the best point and shoot digital on the market right now. The auto settings just capture the best pictures.

I used to have the Nikon 2100, and I complained about it's concert shots being blurry, but actually, that was more "user error" as we say in the computer biz. The 3200 has an ISO "gain up" to 200 so I think it will be even more versatile than my old one.

I'll be testing it out at the FREE Sounds show next Tuesday. Hard to believe it's been five weeks since I last saw them. Sigh. I found this interview with Maja on google.

Hey, my local "Modern Rock Alternative" station 96x has a playlist online. They've got some decent stuff on there. Jaime even heard my precious Killers on there!! Jaime (my Ritz manager, who I've seen naked) even called them to say "I LOVE THE KILLERS!!" So we're doing our part to spread the word. The Killers EP is available on iTunes now too.

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