Thursday, May 25, 2006

Art Brut Pi - the FULL interview

Here is the other stuff about my Art Brut 3.14 (Art Brut Pi) interview that Marketplace did for their Art Brut franchise story.

First of all, the small criticism. She didn't use the "official" release of my Formed a Band. This is the Official version that Eddie complimented (and last year he left a comment on this very blog saying as much--Although, haloscan erased it. I should switch to blogger comments I guess). Here is the official version that is much better than the thing I did in the studio:

Art Brut 3.14 (Art Brut pi) - Formed a Band.mp3 (Official release)

And now, here is Art Brut 3.14 (or Art Brut pi), live in the WHRO studios (I post to show off my rather clever improvisation in the middle). It's really short as I only did one verse.

Art Brut Pi - Live at WHRO Studios - Formed a Band (w/ improvisation).mp3

But also, here is almost-the-full interview that Al (the WHRO engineer) made for me. He didn't press record until we were well into it (I don't have the first 10 minutes or so) but here is everything else, and it's pretty interesting from the idea of what these stories go through to get a 15 second soundbite. Plus you hear some tidbits of what Eddie told Jane (the interviewer) and plus you get to hear me act like she really cares about what I'm saying.

Art Brut Pi - NPR Marketplace interview (mostly).mp3 (5 megs)

I'm burning a copy to give to my grandma since I'm missing out on the family reunion this weekend, although she'll have no idea what Art Brut is about.


So you can find the story as it aired here and a transcript of the story: Marketplace Art Brut Franchise story.

You can find my first post ever about Art Brut Franchise's in the RNRNRW archives and it will explain the "official" rules of setting up a franchise:

Start a Art Brut Franchise


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Does my voice really sound like that?

Well, that was me! I'm a big shot radio star now.

You can hear the Art Brut Marketplace story here.

I'll write more about it later. I've have to go get dinner out of the oven.

"Eddie Argos: There's a Polish one, an Israeli Art Brut, there's quite a few in America. There's one in West Virginia. He's Art Brut Pi. I've heard his version of Formed a Band. It's quite good."

(Though I live in Virginia. I have West Virginia blood though so he's not far off.)

New Reginia Spektor Video

Whow, I'm so happy I finally have another Regina Spektor Song. Video for "Better" (Quicktime)

And if you've never done it, you need to hear her album "Songs". You can listen right now for free and with no catch at all! You just go to this Website and click the "Listen" button that is just to the left of Album called "Songs". No registrations or nothing and you get to listen to one of the greatest albums of my lifetime. No joke.

Hey God, Bless this horse...

Stuff I found on the web:

a) He makes a pretty good point: hey-god-you-busy-of-course-i-am.

b) Oh, and someone at work sent me this link to Amazon.com: Watch the video for this product.

3) There is this girl who is taking photos of her clothes and talking about how sustainable they are. Her goal is to be 50% (or more) sustainable this calender year without looking like some crazed vegan hippie: http://fiftyrx3.blogspot.com/. She looks good and is showing people like me that sustainability and fashion aren't opposing forces.

Art Brut Marketplace interview to air today?

Well, now I'm told that it will air today (assuming the stock market doesn't catch fire). LOCALLY: 6:30 pm on 89.5FM or find out where in your nabe: NPR Marketplace Station List.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Marketplace interview airs today?

Supposedly the NPR Marketplace show that I got interviewed about will air today.

Here is the station list that tells you where and when the show might air in your town: Marketplace Sation List.

It airs here in the Norfolk - Hampton Roads area at 6:30pm.

UPDATE 7:10pm: Well crap. I listened and I didn't hear myself at all. There wasn't even an Art Brut segment.

I think I've been bumped.

I feel like Charlie Brown.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Non Espossa a Due Audrey Hepburn via Netflix

I speak neither spanish nor italian though I'm attempting to learn both.

My wife is out of town this weekend visiting her relatives in Chicago. I'm under the gun with a major deadline at work Monday which means I've been working (both in the office and telecommuting after dinner) ALL DAY!!

Horrible. I've got more planned tomorrow. Saturday!!! This is a wretched life I lead (though I do adore the bi-weekly paycheck).

No wife means the bed hasn't been made since she left. The dishwasher shall not be unloaded nor re-loaded until a few hours of her arrival, and these two Audrey Hepburn movies I've received from Netflix will interrupt my manly, messy, steak eating weekend for a total of 4.1 hours.

I might even find the time to drive my motorbike up to see the Strokes in Richmond on Saturday. They supposedly won't sell out this big, outdoor venue in Glen Allen, va called the Innsbrook Fas Mart pavilion. More Info here.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Eugene Mirman/Showalter/AllenTonight!!

I'm really excited to see the Comedy Show tonight at Relative Theory Records in Norfolk!

If you havn't been in a while, check out Eugene Mirman.com to watch little Eugene singing his Who Medley.

Art Brut Live on Sound Opinions

Art Brut is interviewed on Chicago's Public Radio "Sound Opionions".

I just started listening to it so I cannot insert my normal gushing prose (assuming it's as good a listen as I hope it to be).

With multiple "bonus" mp3's: Sound Opionions Art Brut Interview and MP3's.


UPDATE: I've now listened to it, and it's Aces! The change to "Emily Kane" is brilliant! Really-really awesome.

Howevs, the links to the "bonus songs" are broken. The files with the extention ".m3u" are "not found. But if you change the extension to ".mp3" and not ".m3u" then it works. I've linked to these mp3 versions below. I don't like to steal bandwidth by direct linking others files without permission, but I have no choice in this matter now do I? Maybe they'll fix the links later, but until then:

Art Brut Live on Sound Opinions Radio (their links are mistyped. Here are the actual links):

Emily Kane.mp3 (With updated Emily Kane info!)
Good Weekend (brand new girlfriend).mp3
Starting Over.mp3 (new song)
My Little Brother.mp3
Formed a Band.mp3


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Art Brut 3.14 Interview with NPR

Whew! It was a fun, wild, cotton-mouthed experience at the WHRO studios.

Their engineer, Al, made me feel really welcome and comfortable with everything. It was pretty intimidating to be in the radio studio with the fancy computers and microphones.

I get interviewed for NPR's Marketplace

We talked for almost 30 minutes. It'll be interesting to see which couple of quotes she pulls out of all that to put in the piece.

Whew, I'm flying high after all this. I couldn't get to sleep last night. It was a fun to break away from my cubicle for a bit and act like a big shot.

Ohh, HOLY CRIZZZAPP!!! Jim just kissed Pam!! Oh now, I hope this doesn't screw up the Office! I love that show.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Art Brut - Marketplace interview

Whew, I've been quiet lately. Mostly for Art Brut related reasons. First of all, What's wrong with you people!! No one tells me that Art Brut were on KilbornKimmel Monday? If I wasn't flipping through the channels I would of missed them completly! I had never seen them live! And there was my chance and you didn't tell me!

But besides that I just couldn't type becuase my hands have been shaking too much.

Look what I just sent to the Director of Marketplace (the business show from NPR radio):

Art Brut 3.14

Yep, I'm getting interviewed on my Art Brut 3.14 (or Art Brut Pi - 'mmmmmm pi!) franchise.

I have to go to the local NPR studio to record it in a few hours! My stomach is doing flippy-flops. I wonder if they'll play my song on the radio! That would be pretty neat. I'll let you know how it goes.

PS Art Brut is coming to Charlottesville next Tuesday.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sonic Drive-In Commercial on the web

Finally someone put one of these commercials with Molly Erdman on youtube.com.

Remember when I was talking about her? Here and Here.

Well, here is one of the commercials in case you don't know know what they are. It's not the one with the "It's great to find number 1" line, but still:

Breakfast Bistro Sandwhich with Molly Erdman

Eugene Mirman is Coming to Town

Relative Theory is bringing Eugene Mirman to town! I can't wait!


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