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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Art Brut Pi - the FULL interview

Here is the other stuff about my Art Brut 3.14 (Art Brut Pi) interview that Marketplace did for their Art Brut franchise story.

First of all, the small criticism. She didn't use the "official" release of my Formed a Band. This is the Official version that Eddie complimented (and last year he left a comment on this very blog saying as much--Although, haloscan erased it. I should switch to blogger comments I guess). Here is the official version that is much better than the thing I did in the studio:

Art Brut 3.14 (Art Brut pi) - Formed a Band.mp3 (Official release)

And now, here is Art Brut 3.14 (or Art Brut pi), live in the WHRO studios (I post to show off my rather clever improvisation in the middle). It's really short as I only did one verse.

Art Brut Pi - Live at WHRO Studios - Formed a Band (w/ improvisation).mp3

But also, here is almost-the-full interview that Al (the WHRO engineer) made for me. He didn't press record until we were well into it (I don't have the first 10 minutes or so) but here is everything else, and it's pretty interesting from the idea of what these stories go through to get a 15 second soundbite. Plus you hear some tidbits of what Eddie told Jane (the interviewer) and plus you get to hear me act like she really cares about what I'm saying.

Art Brut Pi - NPR Marketplace interview (mostly).mp3 (5 megs)

I'm burning a copy to give to my grandma since I'm missing out on the family reunion this weekend, although she'll have no idea what Art Brut is about.


So you can find the story as it aired here and a transcript of the story: Marketplace Art Brut Franchise story.

You can find my first post ever about Art Brut Franchise's in the RNRNRW archives and it will explain the "official" rules of setting up a franchise:

Start a Art Brut Franchise

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