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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

art brut 3.14

Things are happening in England and one of them is starting an art brut franchise. art brut is a band I want to learn more about immediately. They have an EP on iTunes. Listen to a sample of "Formed a Band." "Yes this is my singing voice, It is not irony."

But lets get down to brass tacks: The mouse shoes (or is that a cat?) that a member of art brut 4 was wearing:

were not being worn by a member of art brut because art brut 4 is a franchise. A member of art brut 44 emailed me this explanation from the art brut franchise forum:


Right then this is how it works...

If you want to be in an Art Brut Franchise you need to pick a number that hasn't been taken already (ab0,1,2,3,4,10,69,138 as gone already as far as I know) then that's your franchise number... you should try to include your own versions of Art Brut songs in your set...

HOWEVER this is where it gets complicated...

IF for example AB69 (Ed and James), AB10 (Keith TOTP and Eddie) and AB4 (you know who you are) played together you have to MULTIPLY the franchise numbers together so where...

AB69 = 69
AB10 = 10
AB4 = 4

we get

69x10x4 = 2760

hence Art Brut 2760

this is how AB 138 were created when AB2 (alex) and AB69 (james on his own in this case) played we got AB138


the original Art Brut (or Art Brut Classic as I like to call them) have a registration number of AB0 so...

if a franchise plays with AB0 (as occurred at the Rocks single launch party when AB69 and friends took the place of dear eddie for the night) you get

AB0 = 0
AB69 = 69

69 x 0 = AB0



we get AB0b

and so on so the ICA (spit) soundcheck rabble (Ed, Keith, Freddy, Mike, Eddie) were..

AB0 x AB10 x AB69 = AB0

but that's taken so AB0b

but that's taken so AB0c

hope that clears things up... I know its complicated but I don't make the rules up so what can I do (oh hang on I do make the rules up... live with it!)


So as soon as I find me a tambourine player and a set of bongos, I'm starting "art brut 3.14"

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