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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Art Brut - Marketplace interview

Whew, I've been quiet lately. Mostly for Art Brut related reasons. First of all, What's wrong with you people!! No one tells me that Art Brut were on KilbornKimmel Monday? If I wasn't flipping through the channels I would of missed them completly! I had never seen them live! And there was my chance and you didn't tell me!

But besides that I just couldn't type becuase my hands have been shaking too much.

Look what I just sent to the Director of Marketplace (the business show from NPR radio):

Art Brut 3.14

Yep, I'm getting interviewed on my Art Brut 3.14 (or Art Brut Pi - 'mmmmmm pi!) franchise.

I have to go to the local NPR studio to record it in a few hours! My stomach is doing flippy-flops. I wonder if they'll play my song on the radio! That would be pretty neat. I'll let you know how it goes.

PS Art Brut is coming to Charlottesville next Tuesday.

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