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Monday, May 15, 2006

Art Brut Live on Sound Opinions

Art Brut is interviewed on Chicago's Public Radio "Sound Opionions".

I just started listening to it so I cannot insert my normal gushing prose (assuming it's as good a listen as I hope it to be).

With multiple "bonus" mp3's: Sound Opionions Art Brut Interview and MP3's.


UPDATE: I've now listened to it, and it's Aces! The change to "Emily Kane" is brilliant! Really-really awesome.

Howevs, the links to the "bonus songs" are broken. The files with the extention ".m3u" are "not found. But if you change the extension to ".mp3" and not ".m3u" then it works. I've linked to these mp3 versions below. I don't like to steal bandwidth by direct linking others files without permission, but I have no choice in this matter now do I? Maybe they'll fix the links later, but until then:

Art Brut Live on Sound Opinions Radio (their links are mistyped. Here are the actual links):

Emily Kane.mp3 (With updated Emily Kane info!)
Good Weekend (brand new girlfriend).mp3
Starting Over.mp3 (new song)
My Little Brother.mp3
Formed a Band.mp3

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