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Friday, January 27, 2006

Meet the Shaggs

What is with you people?? Why haven't I heard about this till now? Someone should of told me about the greatest worst band of all time.

It's so bad, but so sweet. Hearing it makes me feel complete. It's like, if this was out there, just think what else you'll learn about...sometime...eventually.

You know it's like those Sonic Drive In commercials that I love. Some don't like them, but they are wrong. Those Sonic commercials are amazingly, simply funny. They're funny, but they work as advertising too. Now, for the first time ever, when I'm in the mood for fast food, I actually think of Sonic. Like when we were dog-sitting again the other weekend and we put the seats up in the Honda Element and picnicked at the Sonic.

Car PicnicCar Picnic

Anywho, the newer ones with the man and woman are even better than the original ones where the two guys talk. The one where the guy (Brian Huskey) is telling his sexy, funny wife (Molly Erdman) how happy he is about this new breakfast sandwich because he finally found "the number one" thing in his life (in his case, the new "breakfast bistro sandwich"). I googled and googled and I couldn't find a clip on the internets.

I did find this article about the Chicago Improv comedians who star in the Sonic commercials.

Then I found this AWESOME parody commercial that these two girls put on youtube.com. Check out this slushy one. They capture the brilliant deadpan of the actual Sonic ads:

Sonic Drive-In Parody Commercial - Brain Freeze

Then watch this one about curly fries:

Sonic Drive-In Parody Commercial - Curly Fries

I think the girl from these parody commercials is from Lynchburg, VA because she says so at her blog that I'm going check out:

Try Sarcasm

There are three other Sonic Parody videos that her and her friend did, and they're all good (check 'em all).


The very funny Molly Erdman:


All that being said, hearing the Shaggs for the first time makes me feel just like Brian Huskey said to sweet, dear Molly Erdman in the Sonic commercials, "It's great to find number one". Not that listening to it is easy, and it's not like I would listen to it very often. It's just knowing it's out there. Sitting there. So baffling. So bad. So sincere. So true.

The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World.mp3

The Shaggs - Who are Parents.mp3

The Shaggs - My Companion.mp3 (you have to listen to this all the way through. It's the last line that sums it all up)

If you want to know the back story to this unbelievable band, try these sites:

The Shaggs, All-Girl Band 1968-1973


(and now if someone could find me a place to watch all the Sonic commercials).

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