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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Art Brut 3.14 Interview with NPR

Whew! It was a fun, wild, cotton-mouthed experience at the WHRO studios.

Their engineer, Al, made me feel really welcome and comfortable with everything. It was pretty intimidating to be in the radio studio with the fancy computers and microphones.

I get interviewed for NPR's Marketplace

We talked for almost 30 minutes. It'll be interesting to see which couple of quotes she pulls out of all that to put in the piece.

Whew, I'm flying high after all this. I couldn't get to sleep last night. It was a fun to break away from my cubicle for a bit and act like a big shot.

Ohh, HOLY CRIZZZAPP!!! Jim just kissed Pam!! Oh now, I hope this doesn't screw up the Office! I love that show.

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