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Friday, May 19, 2006

Non Espossa a Due Audrey Hepburn via Netflix

I speak neither spanish nor italian though I'm attempting to learn both.

My wife is out of town this weekend visiting her relatives in Chicago. I'm under the gun with a major deadline at work Monday which means I've been working (both in the office and telecommuting after dinner) ALL DAY!!

Horrible. I've got more planned tomorrow. Saturday!!! This is a wretched life I lead (though I do adore the bi-weekly paycheck).

No wife means the bed hasn't been made since she left. The dishwasher shall not be unloaded nor re-loaded until a few hours of her arrival, and these two Audrey Hepburn movies I've received from Netflix will interrupt my manly, messy, steak eating weekend for a total of 4.1 hours.

I might even find the time to drive my motorbike up to see the Strokes in Richmond on Saturday. They supposedly won't sell out this big, outdoor venue in Glen Allen, va called the Innsbrook Fas Mart pavilion. More Info here.

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