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Friday, May 11, 2007

California Wild Fires

Wow. I went to high school out in Yermo, CA and there would be fires every once and awhile, but nothing like this story Joe Rogan tells:


And you haven't seen me in a while because I've been obsessed with playing "Pacific Fighters" on my computer. It's a flight simulation game set in the Pacific during WWII. It's addictive and it's causing problems when I play for 4 hours straight without standing. I'd say it's rotting my brain but because it takes flying so seriously and really makes you learn how to fly, I think it's sharpening my senses.

Also sharpening my senses is my beautiful pink rose bushes that smell A-mazing. The epic battle of growing grass in my front yard trudges on. I've finally taken the advantage thanks to this weeks gloomy, gloomy, wet weather.

So, listening to a lot of the new Modest Mouse album and awaiting the new Interpol. I love that Monsters are Waiting song, Last Goodbye and still love Stellastarr.

Missing the Von Bondies. Ahh, Don...Ahh, Marcie...

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