Thursday, September 29, 2005

Magic Numbers Album - Listen now

I can't stand to have such a depressing idea be the top item for today, so here is some happiness that I just found out about.

The Magic Numbers new album comes out October 4th and you can hear the whole album online by clicking...


Joan Baez - Potty Mouth

Joan Baez - Potty Mouth

I thought the most shocking part of No Direction Home was the footage of the people getting beaten up for sitting at a lunch counter. Us young people, with all our hair on our heads don't seem to realize that it wasn't that long ago things like that happened. It happened in your parents lifetime.

Next time you're on Granby St in Norfolk, look in the window of the Tidewater Comm. College library and see if the picture of the people sitting at the lunch counter is still there. That building used to be a Woolworth and non-whites couldn't sit at the lunch counter there and the protesters were there doing a sit-in.

Anyway, No Direction Home was awesome. Too little Don't Look Back extras. If there is more Hank Williams singing-in-the-hotel-rooms footage then I want it! But the "I'm looking for a man to bath my clip..." run was an insight on Dylan's wild songwriting at the time, and Scorsese did awesome with that "October 1963-November 1963-December 1963" run. Interrupting "Hard Rain..." with the gunshot that killed Ruby! Scorsese is the real genius.

Oh, and PS Joan Baez steals the whole show with her "Love is just a Four Letter Word" and her awesome Dylan impersonation.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Judd Apatow's Diary

Judd Apatow (director of the 40 year old virgin and creator of Freaks and Geeks) is writing a week long diary on Slate, um, this week.

Wolf Parade - The Only Important Thing is Work

Here is the Wolf Parade's entire album via Rhapsody playlist.

From the Archives:

Defense of Subscription Music (It replaces radio, not hard copies).


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Best of the Beatles

Pete Best tells his version of the Beatles early years. Wednesday on PBS

Wolf Parade- very interesting

Listen to this cool song by some band called Wolf Parade.


Monday, September 26, 2005

fon blogn mon nite futbal @ cheddars restaurant. Woody guthrie song "car car" sellin nissans? What the ef?

UPDATE: Yep, that's the woody guthrie number, but it's my hero Ramblin' Jack singing.

WaPost reading

Linda Perry puts Gwen Stefani in a headlock.

WaPost review of "No Direction Home".

World Dylan Opinion.

Tonight on PBS: No Direction Home.


And you really need to go to www.radio-indie-pop.com and click "Album of the Month" and the first song up will be "Twin Cinema" by The New Pornographers. I'm obsessed.


Friday, September 23, 2005

New Pornographers - 7 days left

Got this cool email:

"We have the remaining seven days of the month to hear "Twin Cinema" from The New Pornographers at http://www.Radio-Indie-Pop.com. Just press the "Album Of The Month' button...

The October selection will be "Harmonies For The Haunted", the new release from Stellastarr*..."

Check it out. It's really good. I'm gonna bookmark this site.



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Generation, Same Problems.mp3


New Generation, Same Problems

Parents, Just don't Understand
And girlfriends are non-existent.
I'm always sullen, I always complain
can't seem to say, just what's in my brain.
my life is boring and so mundane
too many thoughts, I'm going insane.
and it's a new generation, the same problems

Teachers, on my back again
Homework, ruins relationships
Cosines, chemistry and calculus
I'll never use all this, it's so useless
Don't know the answers so I'll have to guess
but in ten years, you'll have to confess
it's a new generation, same problems....

Is She, more than a friend?
Should I, ask her to dance?
Pupae in my belly start butterflyin'
Dreamin of donuts and bananas sinnin'
Feelin divided like in 80s Berlin
you got to realize and be open-minded
It's a new generation, same problems.
It's a new generation, same problems.

and ain't no song a gonna solve them.

New Generation, Same Problems.mp3

Death to Dylan

Well. I see no other recourse. Dylan must die.

After watching the unbelievable "No Direction Home", I think Dylan should die.

That Scorsesee is so good. He made an amazing movie. I mean A-M-A-Zing.

It really is a great movie.

But Dylan must die.

He should really pull a diddy and change his name. Maybe something weird that no one would ever think is a name that actually exists. Like, maybe, Zimmerman. Then he could say, "Dylan did those things. That was Dylan. He wrote those things. Now is Zimmerman. I knew Dylan once", Zimmerman might say. "I do versions of Dylan's songs. But I don't know how he came up with them." That seems to be the message "No Direction Home" is saying. That seems....



Who is that guy?

Is he in the bunker?


Oh crap. He IS!!


Friday, September 16, 2005

Trip down Jinners Lane

My first favorite weblog I ever discovered, and loved so much that I started my own blog, was Jinners.com.

She takes her trip down memory lane here.


My jinners memory lane:

She turned me on to the Boggs.

And Kings of Leon.

How to surf indie-rock-weblogs?

She liked my first country song (She wrote a comment saying "Cute" which was nice of her. All my old comments got erased though so you'll have to trust me on this).


Wow, that last post I linked up reminded me that that was my first country song. Now I, plug-plug, have a country album out. Of course, no one has bought one yet (not even family), but oh well, you got to start somewhere. Funny story: My biggest fan, Grandma, has been calling radio stations up in West Virginia to see if they will play my songs. Grandma talked Lisa at The Boss, Sutton, WV into listening to it, although I haven't heard back from her so I guess that's a no go on my radio debut.

Although I wasn't expecting my vanity project to be played on the radio, so that's not as disappointing to me as this:

My first Art Class that I was SO excited for, and have been "snoozing" daily reminders for the last 8 weeks, was Cancelled!! Talk about a bummer. Now I have to wait a whole other week to start. What a freakin' horrible bummer after the last few weeks. Geez, when it rains it pours you know?

Dylan Week cont.

NYtimes article following the "Dylan Trail"

The second disk of the No Direction Home soundtrack is the greatest cd I've heard this week.

The documentary that Scorsese directed is on PBS some time next week. CYLL (Check Your Local Listings): Locals, it'll be on Sept. 26 at 9pm.

I'm scoring that baby on DVD sharp and early Tuesday morning (Sept 20) because it'll have extra footage.

Check out this Preview of No Direction Home at apple.com.

And WHY WHY WHY won't these videos stream!! WHY WHY!!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Stellastarr* out

5 bladed razor? It's True. Ever see the very, very first episode of SNL? There was a commercial parody of a three blade razor. I quote, "Because you'll believe anything."

Please people. Jump on the wet shave bandwagon. I scored me a super badger shave brush (only buy badger hair shave brushes) and a Merkur Double Edge safety Razor for my birthday. Best shave of my life. Awesome glycerin-based shave creams can be found for 10-15 bucks, and replacement blades are 3 bucks for a 10 pack! I never get bumps anymore. I'll never go back.

Read this to learn about wet shaving.


And Stellastarr* has a new CD out and I really like it. 'Course I'm a Stellastarr* fan. Find it and check it out. You can hear three goods ones on their site (over there--> in the "Bands..." section).


My Acrylic painting class starts tonight!! I'm so excited. I hope it's fun.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

That's the Roosters Way

Alright. Time to get back in the game. When life gives you lemons...OR, better yet, as a wise man once said, "When sh!t brings you down, just say 'F*@k it' and eat yourself some mother f*@kin' candy."


Our home-town newspaper, the Tribune owned Daily Press, is launching a new section called FLiP. It's geared towards us youngin's. That's all I know about it. Except that it arrives Oct. 9th.

Here is what you get when you search for "FLiP" on the Daily Press Website: HERE. That's no help at all.

What the heck is the deal with this fliP?

I know that FliP skateboards spells it Capital, lower, lower, cap; and yet, the Daily Press will spell it Cap, Cap, low, Cap. Well, that doesn't get me closer to what FLiP is does it?

The only other thing I've gotten about FLiP is it's theme song:

PiLF - Theme from FLiP.mp3 (2.2 Megs)


I've been listening to some cool music. Trying to find the next big thing. I haven't found it yet, but here are some things I've stumbled on recently. Check 'em out, you might dig it:

The Crimea. You can hear 5 full length songs on their website.

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's.

Atomic Swindlers. Here is an mp3 someone sent me link to: Float.mp3 (offsite)


Finally, I've been thinking about my favorite videos due to Kate's question of a few weeks back. "All Time Favorite Music Videos..." Well, that's a tough one. But here goes:

If I had to pick a best ever music video it sure wouldn't be "Thriller". It wouldn't be "Like a Surgeon" either.

No, my favorite videos are the same as yours. The Directors Series are doing an awesome job reminding us of the great videos that have been made. So instead of telling you my "Top Ten" I'll tell you of some of the videos that I love, love, LOVE that may surprise you that I love them:

Blues Traveler - The Runaround. (The Wizard of Oz one. Yeah, I said it! Jealous! Seriously, it's a great video.).

Geggy Tah - Whoever You Are. (Where he solos on the trumpet whilst driving).

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues. (Not always considered a Music Video, but it really is)

Sheryl Crow - Leaving Las Vegas. (With the flying elvis who lands, kneeling down with his cape spread open.)

weird Al - I'm Fat. (weird Al doing Jackson moves in a fat suit. "Ham on. Ham on whole wheat, or rye" (I think he actually says "all right", but "or rye" is better)).

"You ain't Fat! You ain't nothing! YOU AIN'T NOTHING!!!"

Feel Free to scroll up and check out my Archives! Thanks for stopping by!

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