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Friday, September 16, 2005

Trip down Jinners Lane

My first favorite weblog I ever discovered, and loved so much that I started my own blog, was Jinners.com.

She takes her trip down memory lane here.


My jinners memory lane:

She turned me on to the Boggs.

And Kings of Leon.

How to surf indie-rock-weblogs?

She liked my first country song (She wrote a comment saying "Cute" which was nice of her. All my old comments got erased though so you'll have to trust me on this).


Wow, that last post I linked up reminded me that that was my first country song. Now I, plug-plug, have a country album out. Of course, no one has bought one yet (not even family), but oh well, you got to start somewhere. Funny story: My biggest fan, Grandma, has been calling radio stations up in West Virginia to see if they will play my songs. Grandma talked Lisa at The Boss, Sutton, WV into listening to it, although I haven't heard back from her so I guess that's a no go on my radio debut.

Although I wasn't expecting my vanity project to be played on the radio, so that's not as disappointing to me as this:

My first Art Class that I was SO excited for, and have been "snoozing" daily reminders for the last 8 weeks, was Cancelled!! Talk about a bummer. Now I have to wait a whole other week to start. What a freakin' horrible bummer after the last few weeks. Geez, when it rains it pours you know?

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