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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Stellastarr* out

5 bladed razor? It's True. Ever see the very, very first episode of SNL? There was a commercial parody of a three blade razor. I quote, "Because you'll believe anything."

Please people. Jump on the wet shave bandwagon. I scored me a super badger shave brush (only buy badger hair shave brushes) and a Merkur Double Edge safety Razor for my birthday. Best shave of my life. Awesome glycerin-based shave creams can be found for 10-15 bucks, and replacement blades are 3 bucks for a 10 pack! I never get bumps anymore. I'll never go back.

Read this to learn about wet shaving.


And Stellastarr* has a new CD out and I really like it. 'Course I'm a Stellastarr* fan. Find it and check it out. You can hear three goods ones on their site (over there--> in the "Bands..." section).


My Acrylic painting class starts tonight!! I'm so excited. I hope it's fun.

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