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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Death to Dylan

Well. I see no other recourse. Dylan must die.

After watching the unbelievable "No Direction Home", I think Dylan should die.

That Scorsesee is so good. He made an amazing movie. I mean A-M-A-Zing.

It really is a great movie.

But Dylan must die.

He should really pull a diddy and change his name. Maybe something weird that no one would ever think is a name that actually exists. Like, maybe, Zimmerman. Then he could say, "Dylan did those things. That was Dylan. He wrote those things. Now is Zimmerman. I knew Dylan once", Zimmerman might say. "I do versions of Dylan's songs. But I don't know how he came up with them." That seems to be the message "No Direction Home" is saying. That seems....



Who is that guy?

Is he in the bunker?


Oh crap. He IS!!

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