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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Generation, Same Problems.mp3


New Generation, Same Problems

Parents, Just don't Understand
And girlfriends are non-existent.
I'm always sullen, I always complain
can't seem to say, just what's in my brain.
my life is boring and so mundane
too many thoughts, I'm going insane.
and it's a new generation, the same problems

Teachers, on my back again
Homework, ruins relationships
Cosines, chemistry and calculus
I'll never use all this, it's so useless
Don't know the answers so I'll have to guess
but in ten years, you'll have to confess
it's a new generation, same problems....

Is She, more than a friend?
Should I, ask her to dance?
Pupae in my belly start butterflyin'
Dreamin of donuts and bananas sinnin'
Feelin divided like in 80s Berlin
you got to realize and be open-minded
It's a new generation, same problems.
It's a new generation, same problems.

and ain't no song a gonna solve them.

New Generation, Same Problems.mp3

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