Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Whole Pipettes Album

Pipettes Project - In progress

Well, i've been working on a special art project and it involves the pipettes. I've been listening to thier album in this order:

The new Art Brut album "it's a bit complicated"
Peter Bjorn and John "Young Folks" (without the last few songs)
Teagan and Sara "The Con"
The Pipettes "The 14 songs I ripped from their website stream and I love every one of them"
The New Yeah Yeah Yeah's EP "Is Is" With my newest favorite song in the world "ISIS" It's awesome.

That one solid block of new music that I can just loop. I haven't that many new albums in a row in a while. Good time to be alive and hearing capable.

Anywho, I can point you to the pipettes website because the stream works great (totally un-obtrusive) for listening at work:


If you're snooty about streams, at least listen to their song "Sex" before you go cussing me out for not linking to an mp3.

Then when you're done, go find the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Isis.

Oh wait, Google just showed me the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6AEFSJR478

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