Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown Died!!

I can't believe it! A world without James Brown is a one I haven't known since I was 13 years old.

UPDATE: If you ever wondered why James Brown deserves more, watch this video from 1968.

UPDATE2: I don't know what's happening to me. I'm not just tearing up, I'm bawl-ing while watching this clip of James Brown Sex Machine/Get On The Good Foot. I was openly sobbing. It's so funky it cut me deep.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Colbert VS The Decemberists Shred Off Guitar Battle this Wednesday

This Wednesday on the Amazing Colbert Report:

Colbert VS the Decemberists in a "Shred Off".

I like Colbert's show better than that Daily Show. I don't like how Jon Stewart is always like "Look at all this Wackiness!"

I mean he sits through the rehearsal and he sits in the writing room. So then why does he wear that stage persona like, "What?? What did he say?? That doesn't make sense? What the heck? Isn't this wacky? Look at all this wackiness? Did you notice how absurd that correspondent's statement was? Here's' a smug smirk to punctuate the wackiness of this crazy situation I find myself in." Jon Stewart hurts the show when he does that.

But anyway. I still like the daily show, I just like the correspondents better than Jon Stewart. But that's just me.

Now Colbert on the other hand. Just listen to these Fresh Air Interviews to understand my affection. What a clever southerner heh?

Anywho, watch the Daily Show for the Decemberists Wednesday (or check Stereogum no doubt for the link the video on youtube). I watch Colbert every Mon-Thurs.

PS. The Justin Timberlake SNL was pretty funny until I fell asleep after update.

Here are some videos I found of the funniest bits from the Justin SNL


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bring it on Down to Homeless-ville

I live blogged the last SNL with Timberlake. It was one of the great episodes of SNL. I hope this one keeps up the good start.

UPDATE: Here's the video of "Homeless-ville"on youtube.com (Posted by NBC themselves).

I love NBC lately. They got every full episode of 30 rock streaming at Nbc.com/30_rock.

And they deleted scenes of the Office are as funny as the rest of the show.

And nbc put an uncensored version of the "My Beep in a Box", but I prefer the bleeped version.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Free Starbucks, "Hey, you gotta a latte on your car!"

Be a good Samaritan, get free Starbuck's gift card.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Download Hip Christmas Songs Now - Wreck the Hallz

Relative Theory Records Hip Christmas CD is still available for download all these years later. I was listening to it the other day and wondered if it was still available for download so I could share the link with you. I googled it, and it's still there, and the links work (see * below).

The mix is a little bloated, and I've personally edited it down on my home computer to a folder titled, "Wreck the Hallz - Tight" but this is still a good mix and a nice group of tracks to have on your hard drive during this special time of year. Relative Theory is great:

So, Click Me to see the track listing and to download the songs.

*(For me, I had to change the .sit link's extention from .sitx to .sit. Then I could download that one for my mac. The .Zip file is fine how it is. Both compressed files contain individual mp3 files for each song)

New Art Brut Single

Hey hey! The holiday season is hot on my tails and it's been an interesting one. Interesting being defined as water-heater-broke-and-soaked-my-laundry-room-art-studio. But I replaced it myself 'cause I'm resourceful about stuff like that (i.e. I like saving money by doing myself).

But I noticed there is a new Art Brut song streaming on their myspace page. And much as I loath myspace it gives me cool things like:

new Art Brut Songs


behind the scenes tidbits on "The Office"

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