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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Download Hip Christmas Songs Now - Wreck the Hallz

Relative Theory Records Hip Christmas CD is still available for download all these years later. I was listening to it the other day and wondered if it was still available for download so I could share the link with you. I googled it, and it's still there, and the links work (see * below).

The mix is a little bloated, and I've personally edited it down on my home computer to a folder titled, "Wreck the Hallz - Tight" but this is still a good mix and a nice group of tracks to have on your hard drive during this special time of year. Relative Theory is great:

So, Click Me to see the track listing and to download the songs.

*(For me, I had to change the .sit link's extention from .sitx to .sit. Then I could download that one for my mac. The .Zip file is fine how it is. Both compressed files contain individual mp3 files for each song)

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