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Monday, December 18, 2006

Colbert VS The Decemberists Shred Off Guitar Battle this Wednesday

This Wednesday on the Amazing Colbert Report:

Colbert VS the Decemberists in a "Shred Off".

I like Colbert's show better than that Daily Show. I don't like how Jon Stewart is always like "Look at all this Wackiness!"

I mean he sits through the rehearsal and he sits in the writing room. So then why does he wear that stage persona like, "What?? What did he say?? That doesn't make sense? What the heck? Isn't this wacky? Look at all this wackiness? Did you notice how absurd that correspondent's statement was? Here's' a smug smirk to punctuate the wackiness of this crazy situation I find myself in." Jon Stewart hurts the show when he does that.

But anyway. I still like the daily show, I just like the correspondents better than Jon Stewart. But that's just me.

Now Colbert on the other hand. Just listen to these Fresh Air Interviews to understand my affection. What a clever southerner heh?

Anywho, watch the Daily Show for the Decemberists Wednesday (or check Stereogum no doubt for the link the video on youtube). I watch Colbert every Mon-Thurs.

PS. The Justin Timberlake SNL was pretty funny until I fell asleep after update.

Here are some videos I found of the funniest bits from the Justin SNL

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