Wednesday, November 30, 2005

White Stripes on Daily Show Tomorrow

A reminder that the White Stripes are going to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Dec. 1.

I watch it most nights regardless of the guest, but this will be neat to see how this works out.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

It rubs the lotion on it's skin video

One more thing before I leave you for three days.

I just found this file on my computer called lotionhigh.mov and I had forgotten what it was. So I clicked on it. It was awesome! I had forgotten all about it.

It's from a year or more ago, but you might not ever have seen it, and it's pretty hip. It's based on one of my favorite movies.

Check it if you're bored. I googled around and it's online here:

Greens Keepers - Lotion

Video of Jason Lee in Video Days

Well, well, well. Last Sat. Jason Lee hosted Saturday Night Live. Would you believe that footage from the Spike Jones directed skateboarding video "Video Days" was played on Saturday Night Live. It's true. He showed it during his monologue and then he went skateboarding with the SNL crew.

Well, it must of sparked something because I've gotten more hits for the Milk song in the last week than ever before.

So here we go. Ask and you shall receive.

First, here is the interview with the band "Milk" that has some of the back story of the band.

Here are my screen captures of the inserts from the Milk CD.

Now, here is the "lost footage" from Video Days, which includes a little rant on litter by Jason Lee:

Video Days Lost Footage

Then, here is Jason Lee himself singing "War" from the Milk cd.

Jason Lee - There's a War.mp3

Here again is "Knife Song":

Milk - Knife Song.mp3

Here again is the song from the Mike Vallely part in Rubbish Heap:

Milk - Another Crime.mp3

Be Back For Turkey

Going up to West Virginia to Hunt with Papa.

I had a good time the first year I went. Remember:


Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Beard

My beard is really coming along the last few days (follow my progress here):

Picture of my Pitcher pose:

Sexy pose:

Respecting Relative Theory pose:

Art Brut GNR Intro (and GNR DOES stand for Guns and Roses)

If you're me you dig sincere GNR, Modern Lovers, Chi-Lites, and John Denver references. I strive to be a sincerest, and art brut are sincerests.

If you do nothing else today, listen to this Art Brut live set from Wfmu radio:

1) Click on this link: Cherry Blossom Clinic

2) Scroll down one page and select the first Art Brut link.

3) Sit back and listen to the whole six song set straight through.

4) Like it or don't like it. It's up to you. But you need to experience it.

5) Support wfmu radio so they can keep up the good work.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Art Brut plays the states. NYC swoons, posts live video.

"And Yes it frustrates!"

UPDATE: Holy Cow! Wow! Wfuv had them on the radio Saturday and you can hear it on their website. Check it!!

Oh yeah! I've been telling you about Art Brut, and now the reviews are in. I was forming quite a list of blog reviews to post up for you but BrooklynVegan.com did it for us: NYC Loves Art Brut (Hates Mariah Carey)

There is a live video from the Maxwell's Lounge show at this OneLouder.com post.

Then there is an interview with Art Brut here.


I just linked up their NYtimes review below, and I put my franchise song over there--->.

I have Art Brut's 87's version of Top of the Pops on my mp3 player and it pops up on shuffle now and again. It's good. Go the the Art Brut Franchise page, scroll down to Art Brut 87 and click the "TOTP" under his picture.


Their album is on Rhapsody too. Listen right now:

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock N Roll

Strokes Juicebox Video analysis

So I love the Juicebox song. It's an awesome, catchy song. But I saw the video and I complained to Jaime about how they showed the girls kissing, but not the guys. Now call me a prude, but I'd prefer not to see same sex make out sessions by either sex. Not my thing. I thought it was creepy to show girl tongue all up close like that.

But then I read the following in Stereogum's comments and I thought it made a lot of sense:

WOW. Who would have thought I would be getting similar first impressions of the music video as I did for the song - raunchy and incongruous. I like it! Maybe The Strokes are making a point; the first impression of Earth's older women, from a foreign alien's point of view, would be a well-kept person tending to a dog's sexual needs. MAN can replace DOG in this caption. Lesbians are held in high-esteem, enough to be filming them making out, because lesbians rock, as we all know. And homosexual men have to hide their make-out-shame in dirty clubs behind piss-fragranted stalls, because fags suck. I love The Strokes!

Posted by: Giancoli at November 14, 2005 09:23 PM

Wow. I think this Giancoli person helped me figure out that the video is trying to make a poiont about the very things I was complaining about.

The video is directly linked (no YouSendIt type things) at EndingEast.com.

Magic Numbers Email

Upcoming shows:

Nov 16 2005
Georgia Theatre with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Athens, GA

Nov 17 2005
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Asheville , NC

Nov 18 2005
DAR Constitution Hall with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Washingtion D.C. , DC

Nov 19 2005
Academy of Music with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Philadelphia, PA

Nov 20 2005
Merrill Auditorium at City Hall with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Portland, ME

Nov 21 2005
Center for the Arts with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Buffalo, NY

Nov 22 2005
Palladium with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Worchester, MA

Nov 23 2005
Capitol Center for the Arts with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Concord, NH

Nov 25 2005
Loews Theatre with BRIGHT EYES and Feist
Jersey City, NJ

Nov 26 2005
Loews Theatre with Bright Eyes and Feist
Jersey City, NJ

Nov 28 2005
Bowery Ballroom
New York City, NY

Nov 29 2005
Great Scott
Boston, MA

Visit http://www.myspace.com/themagicnumbers for more goodies

Their ecard, http://www.mymagicnumbers.com/sampler/, so people can take a listen to their album and their website for the latest news http://www.themagicnumbers.net/music.html.


There is some mention of a contest, but I'm not clear on how to win the "'Love Me Like You' on 7", a full length CD and band t-shirt". So I left that part out of the email.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Concretes Song Legal Download

The Concretes - Sugar.mp3

I was going to post up this great song by the Concretes that is just as awesome as "Say Something New" from the Target commercial. But just as I was ready to upload it for you, I googled the song to see what that would bring. Sure enough, here is the song already posted up! Go download it. It's good.

Buy their LayYourBattleAxeDown at Rough Trade.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Zach Braff Video Blog

Yep, it's true.

Zach Braff Video Blog Post.

Art Brut reviewed in NYtimes

The NYtimes reviewed Art Brut's live show.

They say that their album Bang Bang Rock n Roll is being released in the US early next year.

From the RNRNRW archives (or the Art-chives), here is the google listing for my year with Art Brut:

site:keyofe.blogspot.com/ "art brut"


Google has a new statistics setup you can sign up for. It looks really cool. www.google.com/analytics


Beware the Hipster Trap:

New Stroke video for Juicy Juice

New Video from Strokes staring David "I'm a Werewolf" Crossy:



Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Songs You Need To Hear"

New York's new avant-garde from Slate.com

Listen to the entire Animal Collective CD right now. Click "Album of the Month" at:



Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Still Love Kimya Dawson

My art class is coming along. Dig it. In my beard picture today I'm showing off my recent canvas "the bartender is not your friend":


I was sending my friend the power ballad version of Kimya Dawson's amazingly clever song because he emailed me this:

hey matt
how cool is kimya's attitude, right?


-- kimya wrote:

> Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 05:53:39 -0500
> From: kimya
> To: www.clickpaul.com
> Subject: goin back to cali
> okay, listen up. if you want to set up a show for me
> in california in
> february send an email to kimyadawson@gmail.com with
> your town in the
> subject. california only. it's their turn. i will
> play pretty much
> anywhere i am invited to play to make up for the
> fact that i haven't
> been there in so long. an extensive california tour.
> bring it on dudes.
> bring it on.
> Get your own free notify list at
> http://Notifylist.com !
> to be taken back off this notify list, please go to:

Kimya Dawson - anthrax (Powerballad Version).mp3 (5.3 Megs)

"there's anthrax in the envelope i opened in my dream
the sky is red and little kids are running, screaming in the street
i tried to run and save them but i had molasses feet
i keep having nightmares and i'm scared to go to sleep

if you fall in i'll jump down
and touch your face while we're both sinking
(stinking thinking) we won't drown
you are my friend
and what we're doing's too important
for our lives to end quite yet

in montreal i got so mad, someone broke into the van
stole my guitar and aaron's bag
then we turned on cnn, watched the towers fall again
and realized that our lives aren't so bad

this is just a test take it with love and you will pass
you will be rewarded if you do your very best
nothing ever goes as planned so don't take anything for granted
if you do the world will kick your ass

the air is filled with computers and carpets
skin and bones and telephones and file cabinets
coke machines, firemen, landing gear, and cement
they say that it's okay but i say don't breathe in

the air is filled with computers and carpets
skin and bones and telephones and file cabinets
coke machines, firemen, landing gear, and cement
they say that it's okay but i say don't breathe that sh!t in

an angel named gabriel is watching over you
he was a friend mistreated now he's dead so say you're sorry to him
when you say your prayers tonight if you make amends
the gates to heaven here on earth will open up again

if you fall in i'll jump down
and touch your face while we're both sinking
(stinking thinking) we won't drown
you are my friend
and what we're doing's too important
for our lives to end quite yet."


From the RNRNRW Archives:

I discover Kimya (I could talk for hours on how that night was one of the most important moments in my life).

Letters from Milt Trachtenburg:

Grandpa Trachtenburg and I talk about the show

Grandpa T's response to my reply


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"You and the Little Mermaid Can Both Go..."

I was reminded of this last night. I listened to it again just now, and was crying in laughter. Funny stuff.

This American Life, Recordings for Someone, "Greatest Phone Message in the World".


My beard is getting less and less itchy as the days progress. I featured my cast iron frying pan and my "Virgin, Whore, Mother" paintings in yesterday's picture:


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Liars

New liars stuff single with link to it's video.

From Filter.com:

"The Liars Prep New Album
by Jenna Pucey | 11.09.2005

With all these slick-knickered pansy bands dandying up the place, itÂ?s easy to overlook the other genres currently burning up the underground music scene. In 2004, New York based, but Australian fronted band, The Liars created quite a stir amongst noise-rock fans with the release of their second album They Were Wrong So We Drowned.

After the rush of excitement from the post-punk scene (and maybe a famous break-up), The Liars seemed to disappear despite a unique enthusiasm for chaos, danceable beats and pagan ritual. As a favor to the fans going "Where are the Liars??" the band are currently working on DrumÂ?s Not Dead in the UK which will be the band's third album, set for release early next year. The new single, titled "It Fit When I Was A Kid" will be available November 21 in a limited release on 7" picture disc vinyl. For full details and a wonderfully weird new music video, check out The Liars on the Mute Records website."

Remember how unbreathable "No Room on The Broom" was?

Never heard that? Check out the video: Liars - No Room on the Broom (Real Player)

"May the 1st. Make sandwiches and wrap them up!"


Monday, November 07, 2005

Backup Blogger/Sound Opinions Radio Show moves to PBS

Cool tip on how to save the last three years of your diary from Lifehacker: Backing up Blogger.


Sound Opinions Radio is moving on to bigger-better things. I hope they play the new show in my town.


My dishwasher is installed and running like a song! Check out my (de)construction themed beard contest pic from yesterday:



Saturday, November 05, 2005

It's Coming in Great!


Whew, I'm tearing out my cabinets to install the new dishwasher. Nothing like working a pry bar to get the beard growing juices flowing! (Hee-hee, I said "working the pry bar").


Friday, November 04, 2005

Key of Clean Shavin no more.

I'm laughing and laughing at the Whiskerino site today. That guy barfing over that other guys picture.

I also laughed at this oddtodd post this morning. Why does the cashier care if his bagel is toasted or not?

So, I posted my beard picture for yesterday, and it overwrote my previous picture. It was supposed to move the old picture over, and put the new picture next to it. So now, my first picture is actually my second day's picture and it'll look like I started with whiskers when I didn't. Maybe it messed up the pictures because I used Firefox?

Anyway, here I am: Mateo Whiskerino


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yoo-hoo, I'll Make you Famous

Young Guns II just started on AMC. Cox Cable Hampton Roads Channel 55.

Animal Collective Album - Listen Now

Radio-indie-pop.com has got this "all ramones radio" in addition to it's regular channel. This site is so great because if you are visiting someone, or at work, or cooking and you want to hear good music, you just have to open radio-indie-pop.com and it just plays cool stuff. Bookmark it. (It's over there now too->).

The album of the month is by Animal Collective. You get to hear the whole thing too, not just samples.


Got this email about a new Dvd series called "The Other Side". They had a teaser clip about each city up on the web and it seems like a pretty cool idea. When my dad was in the Army, we lived in Bremerhaven for 4 years during my teen years. Fun times to be in Europe, but I'd love to go back as an adult. So if you don't live in these places, you can watch and dream of what it's like to visit; but, I'm sure if you live in these cities, you can watch and hate on how they got everything wrong. Either way it works. www.timeout.com/otherside

Grizzly Mateo

I'm in on the Wiskerino beard contest. Follow my progress and others at Whiskerino2005.com.

I love my new shaving setup remember, so it'll be hard to stop shaving till March. I got started a day late, and my first picture didn't upload right, so my first picture is actually after I got home from work yesterday (I had shaved that morning). (Jaime and I had a proper fight about the beard contest, but she eventually relented and goes into a giggle fit every time I rub my face and say "beard contest".)

The boys at Relative Diamond talked me into it, and although they got the jump on me, I'm confident I can play catch-up with my special face flex technique i'm developing.


Speaking of Relative Diamond and Grizzly Mateo, Relative Theory Records is bringing a band I've never heard of called Grizzly Bear to town this Friday. I quote, "This is the most amazing show I have ever seen. I am not lying." Yow-za! Are they really that good?

That Spinto Band show I saw at Relative Theory was one of the best I've ever seen...Ah the memories. Check out the video of the Spinto Band at Relative Diamond (In the "Relative Video" section.)


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Listen Now - 4 episodes - Johnny Cash radio retrospective

A-MAY-ZING!! Thanks to Christie for telling me about it. Check it out!

Johnny Cash: The Legend 4 Part Public Radio Series

Ashlee Simpson vs. t.A.T.u.

From slate: Ashlee Simpson vs. t.A.T.u.

Nother Milk Song

Here is another Milk song that is pretty good. Someone else asked me for it and since these yousendit links last a week, I guess I'll just post it up. It's from Mike Vallely's part in Rubbish Heap.

Milk - Another Crime.mp3

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