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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Art Brut plays the states. NYC swoons, posts live video.

"And Yes it frustrates!"

UPDATE: Holy Cow! Wow! Wfuv had them on the radio Saturday and you can hear it on their website. Check it!!

Oh yeah! I've been telling you about Art Brut, and now the reviews are in. I was forming quite a list of blog reviews to post up for you but BrooklynVegan.com did it for us: NYC Loves Art Brut (Hates Mariah Carey)

There is a live video from the Maxwell's Lounge show at this OneLouder.com post.

Then there is an interview with Art Brut here.


I just linked up their NYtimes review below, and I put my franchise song over there--->.

I have Art Brut's 87's version of Top of the Pops on my mp3 player and it pops up on shuffle now and again. It's good. Go the the Art Brut Franchise page, scroll down to Art Brut 87 and click the "TOTP" under his picture.


Their album is on Rhapsody too. Listen right now:

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock N Roll

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