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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Video of Jason Lee in Video Days

Well, well, well. Last Sat. Jason Lee hosted Saturday Night Live. Would you believe that footage from the Spike Jones directed skateboarding video "Video Days" was played on Saturday Night Live. It's true. He showed it during his monologue and then he went skateboarding with the SNL crew.

Well, it must of sparked something because I've gotten more hits for the Milk song in the last week than ever before.

So here we go. Ask and you shall receive.

First, here is the interview with the band "Milk" that has some of the back story of the band.

Here are my screen captures of the inserts from the Milk CD.

Now, here is the "lost footage" from Video Days, which includes a little rant on litter by Jason Lee:

Video Days Lost Footage

Then, here is Jason Lee himself singing "War" from the Milk cd.

Jason Lee - There's a War.mp3

Here again is "Knife Song":

Milk - Knife Song.mp3

Here again is the song from the Mike Vallely part in Rubbish Heap:

Milk - Another Crime.mp3

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