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Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Knife Song" revisited

I got a request to re-post Milk's "Knife Song" from the Blind Skateboard movie "Video Days" directed by Spike Jonze. This song makes me smile and smiles are in demand this week so here we go.

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This is a pretty obscure cd so here for archival purposes are some cruddy photos of the insert to the disk. It tells the story of Milk. (click to make bigger, and squint hard to read.

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And here is Jason Lee singing:

Jason Lee - There's a War.mp3 (0.4 Megs)

Here's the infamous "Knife Song:"

Mar 28, 2006 UPDATE:A fella named Eric has offered to host these files for you and keep alive the memory of Knife Song. Every song from this cd plus photos of the liner notes. He writes:

"you can download these tracks from here from now on:


all 5 tracks + liner notes are there and will stay there."

And here, as a special bonus for you skate nerds, is a Milk song that Virginia Beach's own Mike Vallely skated too in Rubbish Heap circa '90 or '91. (ps I have the entire video in Quicktime but tis much too big to share):

Milk - Another Crime.mp3 (2.3 Megs)

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