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Monday, October 18, 2004

Milk, Milk, Lemonade, around the Corner...

what i'm listening to Right Now: Huey Lewis & the News - Power of Love

Alright! I'm in the Mac world now! I picked up 800mhz Powerbook froma coworker of my Mother. He left all his 80's powerballads on here. I'm having a good ole time with 'em...oooh here comes Starship!


Well the network guy was working on my computer so I couldn't stream the Reginia Spektor thing. Now I'll have to wait for the archives to get posted.


Here is a treat for you. Back in the early 90s a young Spike Jones directed a video for the Blind Skateboard company called "Video Days." I still have an original copy in the closet, and I had a Gonz and future actor Jason Lee's board (the one with David Bowie's head on it).

Well I always like the music on "Video Days" especially "Knife Song" and a few months back I found out that Amazon sells a cd of the band that sings that song.

Amazon doesn't sell this CD anymore. So here is:

Milk - Knife Song.mp3 (3.8megs)

And here is an exerpt from "Video Days" of Jason Lee skating to the song:

Jason Lee, "Video Days" exerpt.mov (quicktime, 958kbs)

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