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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Animal Collective Album - Listen Now

Radio-indie-pop.com has got this "all ramones radio" in addition to it's regular channel. This site is so great because if you are visiting someone, or at work, or cooking and you want to hear good music, you just have to open radio-indie-pop.com and it just plays cool stuff. Bookmark it. (It's over there now too->).

The album of the month is by Animal Collective. You get to hear the whole thing too, not just samples.


Got this email about a new Dvd series called "The Other Side". They had a teaser clip about each city up on the web and it seems like a pretty cool idea. When my dad was in the Army, we lived in Bremerhaven for 4 years during my teen years. Fun times to be in Europe, but I'd love to go back as an adult. So if you don't live in these places, you can watch and dream of what it's like to visit; but, I'm sure if you live in these cities, you can watch and hate on how they got everything wrong. Either way it works. www.timeout.com/otherside

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