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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Grizzly Mateo

I'm in on the Wiskerino beard contest. Follow my progress and others at Whiskerino2005.com.

I love my new shaving setup remember, so it'll be hard to stop shaving till March. I got started a day late, and my first picture didn't upload right, so my first picture is actually after I got home from work yesterday (I had shaved that morning). (Jaime and I had a proper fight about the beard contest, but she eventually relented and goes into a giggle fit every time I rub my face and say "beard contest".)

The boys at Relative Diamond talked me into it, and although they got the jump on me, I'm confident I can play catch-up with my special face flex technique i'm developing.


Speaking of Relative Diamond and Grizzly Mateo, Relative Theory Records is bringing a band I've never heard of called Grizzly Bear to town this Friday. I quote, "This is the most amazing show I have ever seen. I am not lying." Yow-za! Are they really that good?

That Spinto Band show I saw at Relative Theory was one of the best I've ever seen...Ah the memories. Check out the video of the Spinto Band at Relative Diamond (In the "Relative Video" section.)

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