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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Strokes Juicebox Video analysis

So I love the Juicebox song. It's an awesome, catchy song. But I saw the video and I complained to Jaime about how they showed the girls kissing, but not the guys. Now call me a prude, but I'd prefer not to see same sex make out sessions by either sex. Not my thing. I thought it was creepy to show girl tongue all up close like that.

But then I read the following in Stereogum's comments and I thought it made a lot of sense:

WOW. Who would have thought I would be getting similar first impressions of the music video as I did for the song - raunchy and incongruous. I like it! Maybe The Strokes are making a point; the first impression of Earth's older women, from a foreign alien's point of view, would be a well-kept person tending to a dog's sexual needs. MAN can replace DOG in this caption. Lesbians are held in high-esteem, enough to be filming them making out, because lesbians rock, as we all know. And homosexual men have to hide their make-out-shame in dirty clubs behind piss-fragranted stalls, because fags suck. I love The Strokes!

Posted by: Giancoli at November 14, 2005 09:23 PM

Wow. I think this Giancoli person helped me figure out that the video is trying to make a poiont about the very things I was complaining about.

The video is directly linked (no YouSendIt type things) at EndingEast.com.

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