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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Liars

New liars stuff single with link to it's video.

From Filter.com:

"The Liars Prep New Album
by Jenna Pucey | 11.09.2005

With all these slick-knickered pansy bands dandying up the place, itÂ?s easy to overlook the other genres currently burning up the underground music scene. In 2004, New York based, but Australian fronted band, The Liars created quite a stir amongst noise-rock fans with the release of their second album They Were Wrong So We Drowned.

After the rush of excitement from the post-punk scene (and maybe a famous break-up), The Liars seemed to disappear despite a unique enthusiasm for chaos, danceable beats and pagan ritual. As a favor to the fans going "Where are the Liars??" the band are currently working on DrumÂ?s Not Dead in the UK which will be the band's third album, set for release early next year. The new single, titled "It Fit When I Was A Kid" will be available November 21 in a limited release on 7" picture disc vinyl. For full details and a wonderfully weird new music video, check out The Liars on the Mute Records website."

Remember how unbreathable "No Room on The Broom" was?

Never heard that? Check out the video: Liars - No Room on the Broom (Real Player)

"May the 1st. Make sandwiches and wrap them up!"

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