Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Prep

Politics is my football. I love the game. I can't wait for tonight.

In honor of the 1st Pressy debate, here are a few songs with a social conscience.

Joe_Atkinson-Gonna_Have_To(Get Used to It).mp3 (2.4k)

Joe is the lead singer of the King and Caroline. This is sort of a demo version of his arrangement of a song written by a fella named Matthew Cox. He flubs a few words, but it was just a demo thing. Matt sings it completely different. Like a Hank Williams Sr country arrangement.

Matthew Cox - Riding Paul Revere's Horse.mp3 (3.5k)

Matthew Cox* is very proud of this one. He is known for his songs: Been Swearin' Too Often, I Wish I Was a Woman, and Never Made Love.


Gonna Have To by Matthew Cox

I'm steppin' out and I don't know when
I'll be payin' attention again

I dropped my vote, closed the lid
Republican 'cause my daddy did.

You're Gonna Have to (3xs)
Get used to it.

I'm well informed, but I missed the boat
Couldn't follow what the founders wrote.

I'm well intentioned, believed his speech
Thick black lies through thin white teeth


I'm zoning out, I don't know why
I gave this guy here a try

Can't right the wrong, don't fight the curse
This guy's bad, but that ones worse.


Riding Paul Revere's Horse by Matthew Cox

Paying attention as Ari enforced
biting your tongue and watching your words.
"Don't you know this is a time of war?
Check your brain at the door."
You're very well trusted when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

White knuckled galloping gallantly towards
intoxications of enemy swords.
Warnings are caught in the ears of a force
Of who you're trying to warn.
You're easily spotted when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

Carefully sticking to your talking points.
"Mustn't switch streams mid-course."
You can speak softly with thoughts well rehearsed,
but stick to the banal discourse.
You must stay on message when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

Paully's in shackles as Prescott is cursed.
Backwards in Boston, two laterns shown forth.
Telys and faxes and email won't work
So Sammy remember of course
Where you are headed when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

Peace Train is chooglin' long past "All Aboard"
Belching out smoke burning bushes and shrubs.
Blinded by protest the truth you've ignored:
You're revolution is flawed.
Never forget you are riding Paul Revere's Horse.


*I am Matthew Cox


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

EXCLUSIVE!!! MUST CREDIT RNRNRW!!! Colin Farrell is a Potty Mouth!!

what i'm listening to Right Now: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi commentary

Colin Farrell has been around Williamsburg lately filming some movie (more on this at this Colin fansite)

RNRNRW's Mother works with a woman, who's dating a crew member on the shoot. She met Colin and she says Colin is a sexist, potty mouth.

If you go hunting for the wiley Farrell, try The Pub in Williamsburg.

An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming: Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls / Nico

An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming: Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls / Nico Download the song. It's not Chelsea Girls, it's "These Days" which is one of my favorites.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Conan O'Brien to Replace Jay Leno in 2009

Conan O'Brien to Replace Jay Leno in 2009

Congrats Mr. O'brien. Don't go tame on me though.

"You don't need to see his identification."

I scored that DVD release of the Star Wars Trilogy and did the whirlwind marathon viewing session, not unlike the one I did in Victorville, CA with Jerry Lenahan when the three VHS pack was released back in 1995.

You see, if I didn't watch all three this weekend, the terrorists would have won.

I thought of a great stand-up comedy bit that is Star Wars related. The comedian is up on stage. They say, "I'm actually a Jedi and I can prove it." Then the comedian casually waves his hand at someone in the crowd and says, "You are doubtful of my powers." And the audience will either, ONE: Know what the Jedi mind trick is and they will laugh, or TWO: Not laugh at all.

If ONE: Wave your hand again and say, "You are a very nerdy audience."

If TWO: Wave your hand again and say, "You feel much pity for the comedian."

Uh, It's a lot more funny when I'm doing it to my wife all weekend. (Wave hand) "You don't want to continue watching CSI. You want to give the remote to me." (Wave hand) "You are repulsed by my nakedness" (Wave hand) "You are getting annoyed" etc, etc, etc all weekend long.)

Anywho, here is a great tune from Star Wars:

Imperial March.mp3 (2.8 MB)


Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Hives Cometh

what i'm listening to Right Now: Matthew Cox - Been Swearin' Too Often

Hey, I'm typing this on a laptop, over the wireless connection, through my desktop, and to blogger (and then to you). No wires for me! I'm a part of the wireless age!

Guess what? The Hives are coming! Man this area has changed a bunch in the year and half I've been typing this. I must be doing something right, 'cause here's all these cool bands showing up lately.

November 22nd. Funny thing is, I woulda missed it 'cause I was planning my yearly hunting trip for the three days before Thanksgiving, but now, thanks to Jaime's Birthday, I'm going the two days after Thanksgiving. Just like last year:


Here is something I found on my Rhapsody Player. It's the Friggin' Beach Boys doing "Times They are a Changin"!! It's from some album they did called "Beach Boys Party" It's quite the listen. I liked it. Of course it only cost me $9.95 a month to listen to all these albums today:

The Beach Boys - Party
Rolling Stones - Stripped
Noam Chomsky - New War on Terrorism
Sheryl Crow - Greatest Hits
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat

I'm buying stock in this Rhapsody crap.

Oh, here's the tune: Beach Boys - Times They Are A Changin'.mp3

See? They sound like they're having a party! Whoopee!

I like parties.


And look what I found whilst hunting for the hunting post:

It's my rundown of Season 2, Episode 34 of "Less Than Perfect". Sara Rue was delightful on the Late Show last night. They moved to Fridays now, so buy a Tivo and set it for Fridays.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lenny Bruce is Dead, Long Live...

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Warlocks - Stone Hearts

I'm an uncle now and I drove up to West Point, NY to see little Caleb for the first time. It was cold up in NY. I was not ready to be cold yet this year. It's the first day of Autumn and it's 80 degrees here in Virginia. But it got down to 55 last night and I was freezin. I need to go shopping for house slippers.

I didn't even get to make it down to the Thee Shams show. That is a huge bummer because I am in love with "On My Mind" that Ending East posted. Plus, I noticed on iTunes that they cover "If You Gotta Go" which is a little known Bob Dylan song (that I wanted to cover in my own, newly formed band "Stick Shift Mustang"). I cannot wait to buy this album however (album cover is NSFW).


I was on my precious Rhapsody player listening to Lenny Bruce. Then today, Salon has this article.

Hey, what do you know, this all segways perfectly into my own Lenny Brucian experiments.

I have this theory you see. I actually touched on it with you all before. It goes like this:

When you are singing about losing your virginity on your wedding night, it becomes socially acceptable to be more vulgar than you might normally be able to get away with.

So here is Stick Shift Mustang's newest hit single:

Never Made Love.mp3


Friday, September 17, 2004

Monday's Show

Ending East has some mp3s for the upcoming Relative Theory show(on Monday). Thee Shams and The Like Young.

I've been excited since I heard these mp3's, and I guess, since this is an RnR blog I shoulda mentioned a while back when I first noticed it. But better late than never.

See ya there.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Nellie McKay's Influences

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Who - A Quick One

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been too busy beechin' about my stoopid co-workers and sweatin' power-point presentations. I live the Rock n Roll life!

My life is forever changed by this Rhapsody player. I just can't tell you how amazing it is!

You know how I talked a bunch about Nellie McKay (nay Nelly McKai) back in the day. 2 3

well here's what Rhapsody says is Nellie's "Contemporaries:"

Ashley Park
Cat Power
Norah Jones
Stephin Merritt
Rufus Wainwright

And then (according to Rhapsody) Nellie's "Influences:"

Tori Amos
Ben Folds
Randy Newman

Wonder how she would respond to that, huh?


Monday, September 13, 2004

Mando Diao's new website

Mando Diao's new website is up and running.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

5k Playlist

First: Those DAMN VON BONDIES!!!

I've shown them so much love!! I keep selling them to you, my faithful readers. But what do they do? The LET ME DOWN!!

O.K. here's what happened. I bought their latest "Pawn Shoppe Heart" in digital format, a month before it appeared in stores. They promised I'd get a "free digital sampler." Guess what was on this "digital sampler"? Digital Didley-Squat!!!!

I didn't get a DARN thing! Remember.

But, you see, I loved "Pawn Shoppe Heart." I think the Von Bondies are underrated. But guess what!!?? I was on my Rhapsody player and noticed the Von Bondies had an EXTRA TRACK on Pawn Shoppe Heart!!! What the H!

But, of course, just like any great co-dependent, no matter how bad they treat me, I'll keep coming back for more. Especially with songs this catchy.

But just to show those Von Bondies that they can't jerk rock n roll in the real world around without a little bit of a sting, here's the "extra" track:

Von Bondies - Love is Like a Drug.mp3 (2.3 Mbs)

I was browsing Soviet Panda and he turned me on to the Von Bondies Tour Diary, which I somehow missed. Yes, that is my beloved Don Blum who is so funny and witty:

Von Bondies Tour Journal

And here is one of my new favorite Rock n Roll songs EVER!! If you listen to nothing else written here today, listen to this one:

Von Bondies - poison Ivy.mp3 (2.0 Mbs)


So anywho, I ran the CNU alumni 5k on Sept. 11. I can't remember which blogger posed the challenge to write these things down, but here are the songs that I heard whilst my Rio Nitrus was on "shuffle." These songs helped me to my 25th place 33.30 finish. I was the 1st of the slowest in my age group! But I didn't walk once!!

Stellastarr* - Somewhere Across Forever (from Stellastarr*)
Von Bondies - No Sugar Mama (from Lack of Communication)
Richie Havens - Here Comes the Sun (from Resume)
The Hives - B is for Brutus (from Tyrannosaurus Hives)
Nellie McKay - Clonie (from 12 Tack Demo)
Bob Dylan - Gates of Eden (from Live 1965, Manchester bootleg)
B-52s - Downtown (from The B-52s)
The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk (from Tyrannosaurus Hives)
Hank Williams - You Win Again (from Greatest Hits)
Dr. Katz - Andy Kindler - Fighting (click this!! You are welcome Dear Readers!!)

**** Please let me know if any of these songs violate some kinda laws and I will gladly take them down sooner than I already plan to take them down. Disclaimer over.


Friday, September 10, 2004

The Onion A.V. Club | Feature

John Cale interview in the Onion


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Rock n Roll Half Marathon with Some Odd Sense on stage 11, Atlantic Ave, 7:38 AM. Posted by Hello


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Now That's What I Call Multi-tracking Vol. 1

Here's a little number I call "Learning bootleg version of Cool Edit Pro that Odie gave me" by Matt Cox (753kb)

Delicious Dinner

Here is how to make a quick, delicious dinner like we had last night.

Get yourself a pork shoulder roast. Put it in a crock pot with some Apple Vinegar based bbq sauce. Set crock pot on low.

Come home from work. Listen to David Cross on Rhapsody player. Put the tenderest, tasty-est pulled pork ever on a nice big whole wheat sandwich roll.

Eat. Have another.

Play with electric guitar in spare bedroom.

Read a little more of "Fell in Love with the Band."

Eat leftover pulled-pork for lunch the next day.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm Back

what i'm listen to Right Now: Them - Gloria

I'm back!! I missed you all!

I spent the last week sandwhich'd betwix two hurricanes, Hermine and Gaston. Not a bad way to spend your beach vacation, but it was fun all the same. Sunday was the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I didn't run it mind you. I was there to support Jaime and her dad. They did great and had a blast. I'll post some pictures soon.

Work was waiting for me with a vengeance, but the good news is that I tricked the network nazis to open up real.com for me. Now my Rhapsody player is working in the hippest cubicle in Virginia! I got rnr posters and ticket stubs all over the walls. I have dual 19 inch flat-panels (sys ads get all the best gear). With my Rhapsody player, I have every White Stripes album, Woody Guthrie, Elvis, Shakira, even Steve Martin comedy albums, all at my fingertips. Hippest cube in America is a sad title, but I'll take what I can get.

My autographed Von Bondies poster may now be worth more since Carrie left the band. I say, good riddance. She was the weak link anyway.

I'm loving Pawn Shoppe Heart more and more. The last half is so great it freaks me out and confuses my buttocks. I get to shakin' my fanny so much, one cheek wants to go one way, one cheek the other.

"I got an itch! I call her Posion Ivy!"

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