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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lenny Bruce is Dead, Long Live...

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Warlocks - Stone Hearts

I'm an uncle now and I drove up to West Point, NY to see little Caleb for the first time. It was cold up in NY. I was not ready to be cold yet this year. It's the first day of Autumn and it's 80 degrees here in Virginia. But it got down to 55 last night and I was freezin. I need to go shopping for house slippers.

I didn't even get to make it down to the Thee Shams show. That is a huge bummer because I am in love with "On My Mind" that Ending East posted. Plus, I noticed on iTunes that they cover "If You Gotta Go" which is a little known Bob Dylan song (that I wanted to cover in my own, newly formed band "Stick Shift Mustang"). I cannot wait to buy this album however (album cover is NSFW).


I was on my precious Rhapsody player listening to Lenny Bruce. Then today, Salon has this article.

Hey, what do you know, this all segways perfectly into my own Lenny Brucian experiments.

I have this theory you see. I actually touched on it with you all before. It goes like this:

When you are singing about losing your virginity on your wedding night, it becomes socially acceptable to be more vulgar than you might normally be able to get away with.

So here is Stick Shift Mustang's newest hit single:

Never Made Love.mp3

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