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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Caught in the Rain

Well the King and Caroline website will soon not include my picture. We talked about it and it's for the best all around.

We started out with promises of working on my songs and it never seemed to materialize. My songs are...different than theirs. I'm a little bit country, they're a little bit rock and.....well maybe it's not quite a Donny and Marie lyric.

I'm more of a comedian see. I started learning the guitar because I wanted to write songs that had some of the funny in 'em (but aren't "novelty songs"). I dream of doing a one man show about marriage. My songs are supposed to be a part of it.

"Been Swearin' too Often" is a funny song I wrote. You've heard it (It's over there--> in the "I'll Sing a Song for You" area). But it's also a serious commentary on issues in relationships. Sorta.

"I Wish I Was A Woman" is over there too. It's a funny-ish tune. But I try to have a bit of a point with it (that being that Men and Women aren't really that different).

Well, I've been trying to get a good recording of my masterwork up here for a while. It's called "Never Made Love" and it's a song based on my theory: When you are singing about losing your virginity on your wedding night, it becomes socially acceptable to be more vulgar than you might normally be able to get away with.

But, you see, I don't play the guitar that great (hence, no picture on the King and Caroline site anymore). So I have to practice a ton to be able to sing halfway decent (I just record live into my computer). I keep messing up the recordings, so I don't have that song ready for you...yet.

The good news is that Grandma is coming into town next week. That means I have to practice extra for the inevitable "Grandmapalooza" that will occur every night till she leaves 5 days later.

Now all this brings me to the song I want to show off to you tonight. It's called "October Ride" and I wrote it because I was doing these open-mike's and was singing things like "How Can It Be That She (can talk so much)" and "Been Swearin" and "You Won't Be Happy Until I'm Miserable." Those are all love songs, but they're also a little mean. So I needed something to counter-act that. I needed a sweet love song to finish off the show. I get good laughs (and make my points) with all the others and then I finish off with "October Ride" and it's harmonica solo, and everyone thinks Jaime is married to the greatest, funniest, sweetest guy ever.

Matthew Cox - October Ride.mp3

Funny story: After the whole King and Caroline "we gotta talk" speech, Jaime and I decide to walk over to the Crab Shack on the James River. A calamari app. and a Coca-Cola later, we get caught in a torrential downpour and get soaked. Perfect end to the night! Here we are on our front porch, stripped to our underwear.

PS Sorry to have such a self-serving post, but it's been an curious night, and according to my stats, no one really reads this thing on Fridays so it's a good night for self indulgence.

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